Cansei de Ser sexy at La Route du Rock

Guilty Pleasure of the Week: Cansei de Ser Sexy

CSS logoPortuguese pseudo-pop band CSS is kind of a walking contradiction — in the best way possible. Lead singer Lovefoxxx has a witty tenacity for lyrics that play on the whole idea of the pop and dance music genre in general. And with a band name that translates in English to “tired of being sexy”, they’re surprisingly refreshing at times, both with their subject matter and their willingness to walk the thin line of downright bizarre.

Don’t believe me? Try checking out their song about Paris Hilton, which uses the word “bitch” about a million times. (Not an exaggeration…well, sort of an exaggeration.) Their latest single “City Grrrl” plays on the popular view of beauty in world-famous New York City, and gives a really smart insight into American pop culture from the eyes of an outsider. Witty — and you can dance to it. Think about that, or ignore the smart mumbo jumbo and just sing along.


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