5 reasons why you should go to Warped Tour

Warped Tour is coming around again and there’s five really important reasons why you should be there. Yes, there are a slew of teenagers there. Yes, there are a slew of jackasses, too. Yes, the band lineup can get very predictable. But there’s more to Warped Tour, and if you even remotely like some of the music there, you’re bound to have a good time. Here’s why:

warped tour san supersonic the indie sd 1. Fulfill your Peter Pan syndrome. I don’t want to grow up! Who does? Warped Tour is the perfect place to forget that you’re an adult and actually have bills to pay and a car that is owned by you and not your parents. Get lost in a mosh pit, hurt your foot, and then have a valid excuse to skip out on work the next day. Or body paint with some slightly half naked girls. Take a Super Soaker to the crowd with little to no repercussions. There are a million and one ways to be a kid at Warped, so try them all and forget you’re responsible for just one day.

2. Help save the world, just a little. There are a lot of great charities at Warped that are hoping to enlist the help of youngsters all over to bring awareness to a cause. I’m not talking about PETA and the Vegan Warriors (though if that’s your thing, that’s fine), I’m talking about some interesting organizations who try to come up with fun things for you to see and experience each year. From the worldwide do-gooders at 1Love to the Wishbone Foundation, an organization that puts art programs into group homes for youths, there’s going to be something that you can come out of Warped Tour feeling good about.

3. Two words: circle pit. In the world of Moshing 101, Circle Pits are your beginner experience. And they’re kind of exciting. Being pressed up against sweaty, smelling bodies is not appealing to many people, which is why circle pits are the better option of the mosh. I don’t know why people have to run in a circle to metal and punk music, but it’s really kind of fun and at least you’re getting an amazing work out in the process.

4. Autographs, autographs, and more autographs. I don’t care who you are, whenever you see someone signing stuff, especially if it’s FREE stuff (see below), you’re inclined to at least ask who they are. Virtually all of the bands at Warped Tour do signings, and sometimes they’ll give you free stuff for them to sign. So even if you only like two bands on the lineup, you know you can at least get to meet those two bands. Or…maybe you could get things signed and sell them on EBay. I don’t know, but the choice is yours and the options are there!

5. FREE STUFF. This is kind of self-explanatory. There’s a lot of free stuff at Warped. Free CDs, free t-shirts, free sunglasses, free stickers, free FOOD, free condoms! Yes, free condoms. There’s about anything your heart can desire and more. There are some free things going around that constitute as junk, but for the most part the goods at Warped are gems. And if it isn’t free, it could be dirt cheap. Some of the coolest bands offer their CDs for as low as $1.

When you put all of this into perspective, Warped Tour can be a really amazing place. It’s considerably cheaper than the other music festivals out there, and can be just as fun. Check out our photos from Warped Tour 2012 (especially if you’re in one! Tag yourself!) to hold you over until this summer tour makes its way to your city.


(originally posted Jun 28, 2012)

7 thoughts on “5 reasons why you should go to Warped Tour”

  1. Because those were really good photos of warped tour last year. Wondering if you were gonna take MORE AWESOME photos again this year. I guess I gotta wait for next year to see more awesome photos, if you do it again!

    1. Thank you for your support!! Yes, I definitely hope to have some next year. Keep an eye peeled, perhaps you’ll see some photos at some other San Diego music festivals this year, too. :)

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