GP of the Week: Lenka brings the Show to SD

lenka_shadows_the_indie_sdGuilty pleasures aren’t that guilty if you’re proud of them, and trust me, I am always proud to share a pop artist who gets it right! And best of all, I’ve got you covered if you need something to do this weekend.

Lenka, who’s been on a first name basis with the world since beginning her solo music career, has been awfully busy since “The Show” put her on the pop music map.

She followed up her self-titled debut with the just as catchy and poppy Two, an album that may have suffered the “sophomore slump” . While it’s extremely fun and the lyrics are very smart, overall it’s lacking creativity and follows similar two-beat patterns throughout most of the songs. Here’s where this pop story becomes an uplifting tale. Lenka’s latest release, Shadows, seems to offer everything we were hoping for from her earlier release. Shadows offers diversity while painting a magical scene from the very start, with “Nothing Here But Love.” The entire album plays on atmospheric sensibilities that Lenka describes as “lullabies for adults”. But don’t expect to nod off after you hear how beautifully crafted and uplifting the album can be. Tunes like “Find a Way to You” and “Two Heartbeats” playfully bounce around in rhythms like an intricate music box, while dipping into minor keys at just the right moment to cause the perfect amount of tension. That tension is what makes this album Lenka’s deepest repertoire of songs yet.

Pop music that is deep. That is when any artist in any genre gets it right, and in my opinion, artists like Lenka should be the definition of great music.

If you want to hear all of this goodness live, you can catch Lenka this weekend at Soda Bar on Jun 2nd.

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