SDMT: It’s an early Halloween at the Soda Bar

In case you didn’t know, it was my birthday this week (I’m a 9/11 baby…is that such a thing now?), and while I didn’t celebrate that much, it did keep me busy enough to step away from weekend show reviews. But never fear! TGIF and the weekend is here!

Let me discuss three amazing reasons to be at the Soda Bar today…

The Creepy Creeps, The Burning of Rome, Tape Deck Mountain and others at Soda Bar – Friday the 13th

the_creepy_creeps_soda_bar_the_indie_sd_sdmtInsert really spooky Friday the 13th reference here. Or, experience one in the flesh tonight at Soda Bar, for a rock ‘n roll party that is worthy of the number 13. Headliners The Creepy Creeps are definitely on my radar — mostly because I’m a huge Halloween and horror movie fanatic, but also because their tunes are the perfect mix of high energy, punk, and yes, eery appeal. They’re along the lines of rockabilly, if those rockabilly tunes was the backdrop for a zombie surfing party. Their eccentric onstage costumes only help to drive their music to the surreal.

The Burning of Rome has lit their own fire in the local San Diego music scene, and with their recent San Diego Music Award nomination, they’re a must-see on my list. Watch them live if you enjoy music that will blow your mind. They’re often eloquent without being too polished, atmospheric without being too abstract, and they occasionally shred with gritty 70s rock vibes. I can’t help but love this band.

Adding to the rock ‘n roll dance party is Tape Deck Mountain, who have seamlessly mixed grungy guitar riffs with ethereal vocals and melodies, wavering on the gentle one moment, and then breaking into the mystical force of rock in the next. Their tunes are the perfect companions of music lovers, since every note is absolutely thrilling to the ears.

There are other exciting bands on this lineup so get there early and spend your Friday the 13th in style!

For more information on the San Diego Music Thing, including the full lineup and how to buy tickets and passes, check out the official website.


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