The Theme Song This Week is mini JT, Luke Pickett – Free Download

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ve never heard of Luke Pickett, despite his immensely smart lyrics, flawless vocal range, and impressive aptitude for R&B. But after years of silence comes a new EP from this artist, and hopefully his under-the-radar music is about to come out into the spotlight.


Several years ago, a coworker was sharing musical acts with me that I might like. I am always skeptical when someone shares an artist with me, because they usually mention someone who not only have I definitely heard of, but also whose song is all over the radio waves at that moment. (Not that I’m a music snob. I’m just saying, it’s hard to ignore a #1 Billboard artist). Despite my cynicism I took his recommendations and instantly fell in love with two amazing Brits; one of which, is Luke Pickett.

Luke Pickett is the kind of musician that surprises you. You see one thing and hear another, and believe that maybe your senses are playing tricks on you. But it’s true: upon first listen it’s easy to hear soulful, rhythm and blues encapsulated in an edgy, tattooed package. And Pickett plays on this, as he seems to write eloquently from personal experience, revealing a part of his soul in past songs such as “Tattoos“. I easily played his videos on repeat, crossing my fingers that a full length album would happen soon.

Some of the first songs I heard from him were showcased years ago on YouTube, so it’s been a rather long wait for new material from this multi-instrumentalist musician. But after hearing his latest three-song EP, Wasted Dreams, it was well worth it. Luke Pickett hits high notes with control that is arguably better than Justin Timberlake, while creating a mixture of modern R&B along the lines of The Weeknd or Frank Ocean. The dedication of his fan base alone is testament to how hooked you can get on his style of song, and within minutes the out pour of love was all over the internet for the artist who hasn’t released new music in two years.


Wasted Dreams is surely not wasted on Pickett’s fans, who are already citing the sentimentally beautiful tune “I Can Make it Anywhere” as a favorite.

Meanwhile, the title track is a clever biographical anthem for the average young adult, as Pickett croons out a crestfallen ode to those who “always want what we can’t have.” It’s artful without feeling overly emotional, and Pickett shows off his vocal talent with impressive runs and an array of dynamics that take the listener on a stirring soulful journey.

The only real complaint I have is that I want to hear more. But in the meantime, Wasted Dreams is available for free download on Luke Pickett’s official site, and that’s pretty amazing for now.

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