Forget Valentine’s Day: Here’s what you should do this week

If you’re single this year, don’t fret. Not everything is about chocolates, champagne and cheesy cards. There are a slew of amazing shows happening in San Diego, and you need to check them out. Who knows,  maybe the person of your dreams will be waiting in the crowd? (Too cheesy? Yeah, let’s just focus on the music.)

my-goodness-augustines-the-indie-sdSoda Bar in Normal Heights, San Diego is boasting an amazing lineup featuring the rock-heavy, hard-hitting, driving sounds of My Goodness. This Seattle-based duo is slated to release their full-length album this summer, but in the meantime they’re rocking the US nation with a slew of tours (and thank goodness they’ll be stopping in San Diego.)  For fans of that edgier style of rock — which is missing in today’s mainstream media — My Goodness never fail to deliver energetic riffs, bluesy melody lines and searing vocals in a throwback style reminiscent to the days of grunge. Under the surface, however, this act also boasts a variety in their music that effortlessly showcases their softer side. Soda Bar is the perfect setting for this band, as you’re going to want a dark atmosphere and loud speakers to enjoy this one.

With music making its regular cycles through popular genres, maybe it’s time for rock acts like My Goodness to step away from the fringe and into the spotlight?


Who: My Goodness. When: February 13th. Where: Soda Bar. For Fans Of: The Black Keys, Wolfmother, Seattle favorites like Botch & Murder City Devils

augustines-soda-bar-the-indie-sdSoda Bar in general is planning to melt your face off with an amazing rock lineup, since My Goodness is on tour with three-piece indie rock act Augustines. With a smoother sound than their jagged-edge touring mates, Augustines (formerly We Are Augustines) is going to get you dancing as you crave to crank it up to eleven. Their tunes are playfully composed with high-energy drums, world-inspired melodies and chanting vocals. On their new self-titled release, they’ve created the kind of alternative rock that is inspiring and beautiful, while still being able to keep your heart racing with its spirited arrangements and lively tones.

If you’re not smiling from ear to ear after listening to Augustines, you may need to check your pulse. Augustines are going to get you hooked on their brand of multi-faceted music.

Who: Augustines. When: February 13th. Where: Soda Bar. For Fans Of: St. Lucia, Interpol, The National

Villain’s Records has an annual Valentine’s Day release of an epic compilation, and what more proper name to give it than mariel-the-indie-sd-villain-recordsVillaintine’s Day? A multitude of San Diego hidden gems, such as the always eclectic indie rockers Privet and Sullen Ray‘s own unique approach to shoegaze rock, will be performing. Self-appointed “noise pop” group Mariel will keep you entertained with their quirky lyrics coupled with danceable guitar riffs, and Muscle Beech‘s wavegaze round out this lineup. This event will be the most unusual thing you do on Valentine’s Day, ever, and your inner hipster will get some bragging rights since limited releases, hand-made posters and CDs will be on hand.

What: Villaintine’s Day Release Party. When: February 14th. Where: The Griffin. For Fans Of: Cocteau Twins, Pinback, Broken Social Scene

crosses-the-indie-sd-chino-morenoMake it a two-day event at The Griffin, since †††, (or Crosses) will be a highly anticipated event this weekend as well. The perfect ode to your ‘singles awareness’ Valentine’s Day weekend, Crosses will offer moody melodies layered over Trent Reznor-like electronics and powerhouse guitars. Voiced by Deftone’s Chino Moreno, you can expect that famous screaming voice and same intuitive lyrics that make you feel like you stepped out of your own mini horror flick. Add in his penchant for writing about the negatives of love, and Crosses is perfect for a little revenge against Cupid.

Who: Crosses. When: February 15th. Where: The Griffin. For Fans Of: Deftones, Trent Reznor, Glassjaw

quilt-band-the-indie-sd-musicIn an ideal situation, you just spent your Valentine’s weekend rocking out, partying with local rock stars, picking up limited edition music gear, and showing your emo side with Chino Moreno. Time to take a break from the head banging and instead get your feet tapping with Quilt, a bouncy indie folk rock outfit based out of the east coast.

Featured in everything from Spin to NPR World Cafe, Quilt is sure to please your ears as well as get you moving. With a modern take on some of the psychedelic folk of the 60s, Quilt creates a multitude of bubbly and animated guitar licks, complemented by quick drum beats and steady tambourines, all packaged on a brand new full-length LP release, Mexican Summer. This act will be the perfect ending to your weekend musical adventure.

Who: Quilt. When: February 16th. Where: Soda Bar. For Fans Of: Ringo Starr, The Mamas and The Papas, Badfinger


No excuses, boys and girls. Let’s show Cupid who is boss and return his wimpy love arrows with some feisty sound waves. If you didn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, consider yourself now covered.

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