The Theme This Week features With Beating Hearts’ new video!

When she’s not working on tracks with Deadmau5 or head banging with pop/rock outfit The Material, Colleen D’Agostino is creating her own brand of dark, moody EDM with an 80s pop feel. A refreshing approach to a genre that has become very “mainstream” as of late, Colleen’s project With Beating Hearts promises to deliver something with just the right amount of her famous edge.

We’re in love with her voice, which is sweet and angelic one moment while bringing out that fiery edge the next. The song itself is a kind of ode to that “sweet on the outside, tough on the inside” mentality, which some might say describes Colleen’s musical tastes quite well. Check out her latest video for the song “Drag Me Down”, off With Beating Hearts’ latest EP The Wolves. It’s definitely worthy of being included on your electronic pop playlists.

Like what you hear? The entire EP is available for download via iTunes.

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