The Theme Song this Week is by Oh, Spirit

San Diego based Oh, Spirit is melding together modern folk with 60s influenced rock that is sure to make your indie-music-loving heart explode — in the best way possible.

The only thing I hate about Oh, Spirit‘s single “Wheel” is that I wish it was longer. Because the repeat button is getting worn out on this one.

Some of the most infectious and lovable rock themes came from the 60s and 70s, and this San Diego outfit is channeling legends such as The Beach Boys and The Beatles in a perfect modern flair. Listing The Beatles as a reference for your music is always a slippery slope; however with Oh, Spirit, they know exactly how to stand out among the crowd with their own unique spin on classic themes of folky guitar picking, spirited drums, and charismatic vocal cadences; all wrapped in a melody that is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

“Wheel” offers all of this and so much more, as the track picks up in the middle with a bridge that is worthy of even the most psychedelic 60s acts. Intuitive and talented lyrics start with the very first lines of this track and resonate on the chorus with the words “You are anything but gone.”

Package it all together, and you have the perfect recipe for your next favorite San Diego obsession.






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