Sunday Funday: Lime Cordiale hits Soda Bar

Your Sunday just got a whole lot more amazing, with a lineup of bands that is going to turn San Diego’s Soda Bar into a musical paradise.

Top five reasons to see Aussie indie rockers Lime Cordiale this Sunday:

  1. Their latest EP Falling Up the Stairs is the perfect accompaniment to this San Diego atmosphere.
  2. They urge everyone to “put the bullshit aside.”
  3. The intimate setting of Soda Bar! Meet and greet, anyone?
  4. This video featuring Lime Cordiale with a full orchestra proves how awesome they are.
  5. Social Club and Ed Ghost Tucker are also going to be there. This lineup is amazing.

Still not convinced? It’s okay; it might be difficult to take in this much awesome all at once. Lime Cordiale has traveled all over the globe, and are stopping in San Diego for their headlining tour, bringing with them an infectious grade of indie rock that is cheery, fun, witty, raw, and even occasionally not afraid to go there.

Between lyrics like “I apologize for the things I did to your girlfriend” and “You’re pretty fine but gotta’ know there’s other girls that I’d do”, the guys of Lime Cordiale are not afraid to speak exactly what’s on their minds, which is refreshingly relatable while listening to their jams and holding a beer in a venue like Soda Bar. Their style is warm and friendly like a summer party —  hints of ska peak through at times with infused brass cadences, and then beachy tones hit you in gentle waves, with upbeat drums and choruses worthy of a sing-a-long.

This group is fresh off SXSW, and making San Diego one of their next stops. If there was ever a more proper place for their catching tunes, it would be Southern California.

Don’t miss out on this show at Soda Bar this Sunday, and say hello to the rockers of Social Club (also fresh off a recent tour!) and beachy-folk masters Ed Ghost Tucker while you’re there! Pre-sale tickets are available online via Soda Bar. 


Lime Cordiale’s EP, Falling Up the Stairs is available now. Check it out at their official site, and let us know what you think.


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