Things to do this weekend: Including X-Fest parties, Dr. House, and The French

With a slew of upcoming shows and events, including pre-partying the night away with X-Fest artists, your weekend is now packed.

quel-bordel-san-diego-the-indie-sdIf you’re ready for Friday, then you probably need something  to do tonight that will be exciting enough to get your heart pumping. San Diego gypsy/folk darlings Quel Bordel are offering just that, with the release of a brand new EP, …Doesn’t Speak French, at Hennessy’s Tavern in the Gaslamp. While this EP is only their sophomore release, Quel Bordel has torn up stages for some time and never fail to put on a riot of a show. This band is always a bit unpredictable in the best way possible — will they be giving away free merch? Will they take a shot with you at the bar? Will they start a dance party with the crowd? All of the above? The possibilities are endless.

Check out the Facebook event page for more info about this EP release party and Quel Bordel, performing tonight.

For Fans Of: Flogging Molly, Gogol Bordello




xfest-preparty-91x-theindiesdSome of us will be at X-Fest this Friday, but what about the pre-party? Birds of Tokyo and Big Data will be kicking off this week with an X-Fest pre-party tonight at Club 207. Featuring sets from both bands, plus DJ and opening sets from San Diego locals, this event is the perfect way to start your weekend partying a little early. Pre-sale is sold out, so you’ll unfortunately have to play the “door game” with the bouncer at Club 207, but with this kind of lineup, it could be worth it for X-Fest fans.

More event details can be found here via San Diego station 91X.

For Fans Of: NYPC, Röyksopp, The Rubens



.If you remember the Ruby Room, you might know that it’s now called the Merrow; and it’s probably one of San Diego’s hidden little gems. Friday, this venue and bar will be hosting a community event featuring some of San Diego’s best songwriters and musicians. For free. At a cozy event that lets you really get close to the music. Could an indie music lover ask for anything more?

Featuring everything from gritty country (country that I actually like, so I approve!) to bleedingly beautiful pianists to captivating folk inspired by the pure rhythms of  music’s ancestral roots, there will literally be something for everyone here.

Oh yeah, and you get to hear and see it all for free. You just can’t beat that. View their official Facebook event page for more details on this show.

For Fans Of:  Nick Drake, Ed Sheeran, Sufjan Stevens, and everything in between


hugh-copper-bottom-band-the-indie-sdAdd this to your list of things you learned to today: Dr. House is in a band! British actor Hugh Laurie is an esteemed thespian by day and a bluesy rock guitar god by night. Well, “rock god” might be a little enthusiastic, but color us surprised to hear that this guy can channel the blues. Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band will bring harmonicas, banjos, bangin’ drums, and upbeat blues to Balboa Theatre on May 31st. Laurie’s voice is by no means perfect — it’s odd to hear him sing without that British accent, and even more odd to place his unique tone to the emotion of blues music; however, he really commits to his musical project, and he’s backed by a slew of talented musicians who make the experience worthwhile.

At the very least, you can say you got to see Dr. House sing. He’s on tour supporting a brand new album, Didn’t it Rain,  so this could be one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

For Fans Of: The Animals, Dr. John, anything NOLA Blues


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