The Theme Song This Week: Oh Honey, the band you need to know

Happy Monday! Let’s take a page from Oh Honey’s playbook and “Celebrate the feeling”, starting with their addictive and chipper indie tune, “Be Okay”.

If there’s anything I cannot deny myself, it’s the perfect feel-good track. Imagine you’re coasting down the highway on your way to begin an adventurous road trip, windows rolled down and totally making that waving gesture with your hands in the wind. Or, imagine you’re home alone and loving it, dancing around your living room like no one is watching. Even better, think upon that last time you had the perfect beach day, with sun rays warming your face and the ocean waves relaxing you enough to let you throw your worries to the wind. All of these emotions can be invoked from the delightful track “Be Okay” by Oh Honey, making this tune the perfect song to begin your week!

Oh Honey has quickly risen up the ranks of the indie music world, following a successful debut at South by Southwest and an EP, With Love, that has their fans already itching for more. Luckily for those devoted listeners, this duo is working on a full length release, slated to arrive later this year. Add in the fact that their song was also recently featured on an episode of Glee, and you’ve got a band that should definitely be on your radar now.


Follow Oh Honey on their official Facebook page or website for more details on that soon-to-be-amazing album!

Mondays just got even better, because Oh Honey will be gracing a stage in San Diego, Tuesday night (opening up for The Fray). More details about their show at the SDSU Open Air Theater  can be found here.

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