Indie’s Best Kept Secrets: The Lovebirds

Every place, every situation, every scene has a “Best Kept Secret“. My latest discovery features two of San Diego’s most lovable singer-songwriters, churning their own brand of folk pop that is refreshing and enchanting as soon as you listen to the first “pop” of a snare drum.

thelovebirds-theindiesdNow that they’re award-winning songwriters, they probably aren’t that much of a “secret” — and for good reason. Duo Lindsay White and Veronica May have created music that captivates at the very first note, the very first word, and the very first harmony; and all of Southern California is taking notice.

It’s their voices that really bring life to their music, which are soulfully tragic in tracks such as “Boat Train”, but also uplifting and chipper in their addictive ukulele-lead ballad “Crimson Love”. Folky pop music is usually more reminiscent of your favorite old quilt — it melds together a bunch of different elements into one piece. Meanwhile, White and May’s voices have created their very own perfect blend of folk/pop and their harmonies mingle together more like woven silk: not one strand is out-of-place, and the listener is left with the smooth detail of their mesmerizing consonance, blended as if coming from one singer.

Add in the songwriting skills of May and White, and their latest release Breakup Shmakeup is the perfect concept album, offering their music as a storytelling forum that gives listeners a glimpse behind the curtain. The album is inspired by the duo’s personal life experiences, and, according to their website, “chronicles the experience of ending their romantic partnership in order to preserve their musical partnership.” So The Lovebirds possess talent, and they are also transparent; a quality that is lost among musicians these days. Their willingness to let their fans into their lives opens up a musical partnership not just between the two singers but among their fans. Their emotional clarity turns their music not into exhibition, but open participation. Knowing just a piece of their story makes these tracks about love and lost and identity — such as the haunting refrain in the track “Be” — relatable to every fan listening (and probably singing) along.

The Lovebirds are, in my opinion, at their best when they’re crooning along to soft melodies and delicately picked guitars. But they still hook you in with rhythmic fun and playful vocals, featured in tracks such as “Catch the Rain”; a whimsical, country inspired tune which brings a respite from some of the more emotional pieces of the album.

It’s been awhile since I have had the pleasure to listen to such a unique folk project, as The Lovebirds are exactly that. They have successfully carved their own hearts into the bark of their music, creating what is more along the lines of art and identity, making their album Breakup Shmakeup  a must-listen album for any music lover.


You can hear more from The Lovebirds via their official website, or follow their latest news via their Facebook page.

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