Live Photos: Lime Cordiale bring beachy rock, trumpets, and a clarinet

Soda Bar brought Australian rockers Lime Cordiale this month. Check out these photos of them performing live.


If you missed Lime Cordiale live at the Soda Bar, we can at least recreate some of the magic with the photos below.

Have you ever heard a band’s recordings and then saw them live, and had a huge light bulb go off? That was the experience with these guys, who rocked the stage with unending energy, quirky lyrics, and even synchronized band instruments. We have to give it up to them for mastering multiple musical tools, including pulling out a clarinet and a trumpet. Along with them was a trombone player who looked like he stepped off of the set of The Blues Brothers — AKA, he was one cool mofo. Package it all together, and Lime Cordiale delivered a live show that was one-third rock, one-third beach, and one-third unpredictable party, making them one of my favorite acts this year.

Photos by Rachel Frank of ListenSD.

Click photos to launch full-screen.

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