The Theme Song This Week: Allison Weiss reminds us why music is amazing

If you don’t feel anything after watching this phenomenal video, you might need to check your pulse.


AllisonWeiss_byMitchellWojcik_theindiesdIt’s summertime. The official first day of summer has passed and if you’re lucky enough, you’re feeling the warming sunshine effects already. This past weekend has been about beautiful weather, good tunes and great company — at least for some of us — and I’d like to keep that relaxing vibe going now that it’s Monday. I really would. I would like to give you inspiration for the work day (or school day or whatever day) so that at the end of that long and busy day, instead of sitting in traffic and complaining about things that were so eight hours ago, you feel enlightened to sip on a tea or a lemonade or a cold brew, pop in some headphones, and let your favorite songs overwhelm you while you sit in the evening sun.

That’s what I wanted, I really did.

But as soon as I watched this video for Allison Weiss‘s beautiful ballad “Wait for Me”, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I knew that instead, I was going to share something just a bit heart-wrenching, in the best way possible.

I knew I was going to post this video, because I watched it, nonstop, from beginning to end, with no wish to look away and every desire to see it through to the end. I knew I was going to pick this song, because much like the premise of the video, once it was finished her words and her music had touched me in a way that only music can.

I knew that after reading the story of  the video’s ‘star’, Josee, I could relate to her despite not being much like her, despite not living in the same place, despite not truly knowing her story other than the short and sweet bullet point list of facts that were shared in that video; and yet despite all of that, I know Josee, because we both listened to the same song and felt the same feels. Powerful.

Allison Weiss’s voice is beautiful and soft, calming and plum, as she  sings a tune that is a little sad and yet so very catchy all at the same time. She coupled it with a video that speaks volumes not just for her music, but for the way music can make us sit down for roughly 3 minutes and all feel the same thing, all at once.

In “Wait For Me”, emotional and hectic strings build the dynamics that the song needs at just the right times, balancing out Weiss’s melancholic themes with an uplifting resolve in the end: She sings over and over, “I forgot what it’s like to look the things you want right between the eyes and say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye…” and yet we know that this goodbye isn’t the worst thing in the world — that it comes with a hopeful price tag when she finishes out with “But I’ll wait, if you’ll wait for me.”


It wasn’t my intention to bring out all the feels first thing on a  Monday morning, but honestly? Hearing the power of music is inspiration enough to get me through my eight hours. Hopefully it does the same for you. Let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to follow Allison Weiss on her official site and Facebook, because she’ll be in San Diego this Wednesday at Warped Tour.

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