The Theme Song This Week: As sleek as a PHOX

This ethereal and bouncy tune from folk-pop darlings PHOX will become your favorite song this summer. It’s kind of perfect, so how could it not?

Two years ago in a far away land deemed the Vast Internet, I became obsessed with a singer from New Zealand known as Kimbra. I have a really addicting habit of wasting time on YouTube, so like many endless days and nights before, I navigated to my mid-favorite video page and typed in “Kimbra covers”. (Which, by the way, is a really fun method to discovering new indie artists that might pique your interests.) I stumbled upon a video containing a sextet of musicians, all harmoniously in sync as they jazzed their way through a creatively acoustic version of Kimbra’s song “Settle Down”. I was instantly in love.

They caught my eye (and my heart it seems), from the first moment that I saw and heard how well they work together. Little did I know, this group of multi-instrumentalists were all from the same town, all went to the same high school, and had eventually all decided that music was the career choice for them. To take things to the next level, they all moved into one homestead, creating –I am guessing — some type of indie music commune power house.

Their cover song was only the beginning. PHOX has been churning out originals for demos since they took this journey, attracting the attention of producers like Brian Joseph (The Fray, Bon Iver) along the way. Fast forward two more years, and PHOX is now reaping the benefits of all their hard work — in the form of a full-length album and a headlining tour.

And they deserve it. Their vision of folk-pop involves a collection of quirky instruments, from whistles to banjos to clarinets, all ceremoniously coming together with gentle and playful drums, punchy bass lines, and vivid guitar strums. Then there’s vocalist Monica Martin: with a voice that weaves through your ears and wraps you in its warmth with each elegant run of notes and every graceful melody.


Much like the music video, PHOX’s song “Slow Motion” also makes us dream of the shimmery summer sun, fun personalities, and adventurous memory-making moments. So start listening to this song on repeat and daydream about the wonderful parties and kickbacks you’ll be having this summer.



Their debut self-titled album was just released June 24th, so check out their full collection of folk-pop gems and let us know what you think! Furthermore, PHOX is hitting a city near you (we’re looking at you, Southern California), and their tunes are just as reverie-inspiring when witnessed live. Follow their official website for more details, indie lovers.

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