The Theme Song This Week: The Mosaic Quartet wows with new video

Coming from San Diego, California, The Mosaic Quartet just released a mesmerizing video to go with their beautiful indie pop song, “Seasons of Silence”.

Don’t you just feel so proud when a local musician from your hometown/second home/favorite city comes along and wows everyone with their craft? That’s the feeling I get every time I watch the brand  new music video for The Mosaic Quartet‘s “Seasons of Silence”.

These gorgeous shots, directed by Helium Films and co-produced by New Evolution Video, go together perfectly with this gentle indie pop tune, which features a delicate piano melody that had me staring at the keys in awe. The Mosaic Quartet uses all of their talents, fusing together elegant harmonies that sift through your ears and seep through your skin, leaving goosebumps as you relate to the beauty of the lyrics in this ballad.


Follow The Mosaic Quarter on their official Facebook page or website for more updates from this talented Southern California-based act.

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