The San Diego Music Awards Nominees announced

The annual San Diego Music Awards are back, and they’ve announced some amazing (and a few very surprising) nominees for this year’s award ceremony.

sdma-san-diego-music-awards-2014-indie-sdThe best thing about the San Diego Music Awards is their amazing attention to the bands and artists that make this music scene worthwhile — whether you’re playing sold out shows at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, touring the world, or recording an album from your basement on the weekends — there is room for any kind of local (and internationally known) artist on their list of nominees.

Even better is their success at offering a look into many musical genres, as the SDMA’s deserve a round of applause for featuring valiant musical acts in jazz, world, and hip hop categories.

When it comes to who’s who in the music industry, there is always room for opinion. The SDMA’s have a few acts that have made it on the list year after year (The Burning of Rome, Dead Feather Moon, and Tribal Theory to name a few) and though they frequently include heavy hitters such as Jason Mraz and Switchfoot, at times I wonder if their ballots should go to two more well-deserving San Diego assets in the music community. Yes, Jason Mraz lives here and calls San Diego his second home, but how much time does he really log in this music community? Switchfoot is a musical powerhouse, and perhaps their latest album Fading West, which was recorded in San Diego and featured along a riveting documentary on the group,  is an appropriate nominee for Album of the Year, so I can’t really fault the SDMA’s on that choice.

My bets go to alternative blues act Little Hurricane to take home an award or two, whose nominations this year are well deserved. Many have argued that these past few years have been the “Age of Duos” as musicians like The Black Keys and Japandroids prove that you don’t need a heavy lineup to get good music out there. Little Hurricane has been a driving force ever since they got together and wrote their first song, and they work really hard to bring their fans the very best that they can offer, whether you’re listening to their recording or hearing their emotional vocals and bluesy guitar riffs live.

This year’s SDMA honorees are picture perfect, featuring Bob Taylor, a legend in the guitar world, and 85-year-old blues crooner Tomcat Courtney, a worldwide touring phenomenon and talent in his own right.


For a full list of nominees (and to cast your own vote!) check out the San Diego Music Awards page here. Don’t forget you can write in a ballot. If you’re writing in an artist, let us know who YOU think deserves a mention in the comments below.

(Switchfoot Photo by Kelsee Becker.)

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