By an Ion’s New Teaser for ‘Tokyo’

It’s rare that an electronic or new wave act comes out of your local music scene and yet already sounds like the heavy-hitters and chart-toppers we hear when we’re out every weekend. But San Diego’s By an Ion have done just that — commanding the luminous genres of dance just as well as some of the veterans of this music world. This new voice in the electronic world sounds just as inspiring as some of our favorite DJs and dance acts today.

By an Ion’s latest track, “Tokyo”, from their forthcoming EP, is an ever-building exercise in intensity, as it continues on some of their earlier themes of love and love lost. The duo behind By an Ion is the perfect blend of light and dark, as this track turns an almost heart-wrenching chorus into a reason to throw your cares away and celebrate. The line “are you afraid of love?” is echoed over and over as the music builds into an uplifting moment that almost answers the question by exclaiming, “no!”, or at least…. not today.

Preview the track below, and let us know what you think! By an Ion is a solid force in the local music scene, and their music is even better live. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, don’t miss the chance to hear them perform at The Hideout in San Diego.


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