Foster the People brings their world tour to the RIMAC

If there was any doubt on what you should be doing with your time this weekend, then consider this the last proof that you should be at the RIMAC arena watching Foster the People give one of their stellar sets in San Diego.


Foster the People is highlighting a world tour right now, and they’ve made it a point to stop off here in sunny San Diego to play some of our favorites and some of our soon-to-be favorites off of their latest album, Supermodel. We here at The Indie are absolutely obsessed with their track “Coming of Age”, a heartfelt indie pop ballad to the youth of the world (and the young at heart) everywhere. We all know Foster the People for their breakthrough track “Pumped Up Kicks”, so it’s refreshing to hear that this group is staying true to their existential-ish pop roots. Their latest release is a danceable and fun collection of new wave-influenced sounds with the perfect modern spin; so you can get your feet moving while still  relating to the fresh lyrics.

While “Coming of Age” is gentle and swaying, their groovy track “Best Friend” is upbeat and lively, and just one of the many reasons why fans everywhere adore Foster the People. They’re not afraid to bring the party, and in a way that melds together exuberant brass riffs and funky bass lines with intricate vocal harmonies, transporting us straight to a dance floor in the 70s. Except this is the modern-day 70s, so really we get the better end of the stick — amazing instruments, addictive melodies, and no cheesy disco clothes. (It’s a win-win, right?)

Check out Foster the People live at RIMAC Arena if you want to experience the party of a lifetime. We’re gonna dance along to this track while we count down the hours to the show!



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