Live Photos: New Found Glory at the House of Blues


New Found Glory has been in the music world long enough to know how to always bring a riotous show.


For anyone having post Warped Tour withdrawals, the coming of the Fall season can be a cure to your ailments. While you get to indulge in all things pumpkin, dress up in crazy costumes, and partake in family traditions, you can also sing your heart out to your favorite artists on some of the year’s best tour lineups. From the A Day to Remember/ Bring Me the Horizon adventure to the Wonder Years/ the Story So Far trek, this fall has definitely crafted some gems for the archives. One of the highly anticipated tour lineups on the books is the Glamour Kills Tour featuring New Found Glory, We Are the In Crowd, Fireworks, Candy Hearts, Red City Radio, and Better Off. I headed down to the House of Blues in San Diego to see if New Found Glory can inspire the new generation with “Resurrection”.

Heading down to the venue, you could see the lines of fans young and old growing impatient waiting for doors to open from up to a mile away. The sidewalks were buzzing with impromptu singalongs and new friendships being forged over favorite songs from EP’s and the like. Once doors opened and fans raced off to cement themselves to the barricade for the best view of the night, I headed to the bar area to secure an optimal spot for viewing and hearing. The opening acts executed their sets without a hitch as the crowd participation continued to grow with more people hustling into the main room.

By the time We Are the In Crowd (WAITC) started their set, the first few rows of the crowd had more than doubled. Admirers of the quintet forged their own path to the overly packed barrier to sing along with Tay Jardine and company. The crowd bounced, wailed, and danced through the course of their performance from start to finish. WAITC definitely stood out to me due to Jardine’s impressive live vocal range and the band’s abilities to work a stage. I was humming along and bopping my head to their melodies by the end.

Once WAITC’s stage equipment had been cleared away, fans reassembled and braced for the impact of the main event. The crowd chants for the band to appear were deafening in the photo pit and continued as their voices swelled until the lights finally came down. It’s time for New Found Glory to show us why they remained in our playlists all these years.

The energy was set to a new high by the time New Found Glory hit the stage.  Once the band dove into the opening riffs for “Selfless”, the crowd rushed the stage while show veterans gave way to the pit. I was quickly catapulted back to my memories of the numerous times I’ve caught NFG over the years and caught bodies for NFG as well. While the crowds may differ, the emotions and rush of happiness hasn’t changed one bit. The band was up to their usual high energy antics- hyping up the fans and setting the premise for yet another great night with New Found Glory.

The set list for this tour couldn’t have been more perfect. Fan favorites like “Failure’s Not Flattering”, “My Friends Over you”, and “Truth of My Youth” were planted in between new tracks like “Stubborn” and “Selfless”- giving the fans a glimpse at how far New Found Glory has come. I enjoyed the older material being spread throughout their set because it gave us a chance to catch our breaths while getting a firsthand glimpse into the raw, honest themes of the new record. Fans listened intently to each chorus and riff for the songs on this release, seemingly excited for what else appears on their latest album, Resurrection.

With the departure of founding member and primary songwriter Steve Klein last year causing concerns for New Found Glory’s future in pop punk, this live performance confirmed that New Found Glory hasn’t missed a beat since the hiatus. The newer tracks displayed on this tour are the perfect mix of nostalgic and future NFG, a common ground of catchy riffs and themes for both new and old fans to connect with. The night ended with an encore performance of “All Downhill from Here” and as I looked around the sea of bodies making the most of this crowd classic, I realized in that moment how perfect this album title is for one of the scene’s most respected acts.

Check out the live photos below from New Found Glory’s set at the San Diego House of Blues.

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