Video: American Aquarium talks the indie music biz

Alternative country and folk group American Aquarium has successfully navigated the independent music scene without the help of the “big guys” — and here’s what they have learned from their experiences.

Being an indie band in today’s music world is getting easier, thanks to the innovations in social media and the readiness of fans to ingest new music in new ways. Just ask American Aquarium‘s BJ Barham, who has successfully navigated the once “dog-eat-dog” world of the music business with resilience that has definitely begun to pay off.

But American Aquarium is more than just a smart indie music machine — they’re also creative souls who aren’t afraid to bear their every emotion and story to the world. With songs about lost loves, addiction, long nights on the road, and the isolation that can sometimes come with following one’s dreams, Barham has become quite comfortable with letting his music be a window into his innermost thoughts and feelings, and American Aquarium’s fans are absolutely loving the sincerity and soul of these tunes.

We sat down with BJ Barham in this heartwarming interview describing the band’s life of becoming independent artists in the music world, and how it feels to wear your heart on your sleeve for thousands of fans each night.

American Aquarium has a new release slated for January of next year, but don’t worry — you can take a listen to some of their amazing tracks from most recent album Burn.Flicker.Die while you wait!

Video by Nicholas Wong with Silent Shadow Productions

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