Interview: Colony House is on the road, playing Hangout Fest

Here’s eight important reasons why feel-good indie pop band Colony House is a band you need to know.


For fans of Two Door Cinema Club, Vance Joy, and Of Monsters and Men, you’re going to want to put Nashville’s indie rock trio Colony House on your radar. They’ve already accomplished a few amazing feats, including their album When I Was Younger becoming #3 on the Billboard Heatseekers Charts, garnering praise from Paste Magazine and Artist Direct, and being one of the many talented acts to grace the stage, ahem, beaches, of Hangout Fest 2015 this year. Now, they’re on the road enjoying tour life. But before they got too busy, we were able to speak with them about their live presence and the inspiration for their music —  basically rounding out eight really important reasons below why Colony House rocks.

On how they want their fans to hear their music:
We would love for our listeners to feel the irresistible urge to smile. To sum it up in one word… HOPE

On what motivates them to write and perform:
Our families, friends and each other. Being gone so much makes you really appreciate what you have back home and that love naturally seeps into our songs.

Their experience performing on Late Night with Seth Meyers:
Amazing, scary, exciting and so many other things. It felt kind of like a championship game, so much anticipation built up for such a short amount of time where you are actually playing the song. We were treated so well and had a ton of fun.

Memorable moments performing in San Diego:
San Diego is a gift to this country! It is a beautiful place with a bunch of beautiful souls living here. I am not sure how to put my finger on just one thing. Between the taco’s, the ocean, and the people, it is a hard place to beat.

On performing sold out dates on tour:
Well, this tour has blown our minds. The Kongos brothers and their crew are some of the nicest people we have ever met. Sir Sly are rad dudes as well, and we feel like we have made some really true friends in all of these fine folks. The shows have been awesome as well. Charlotte NC, New York City, Denver, and Montreal have been some of our favorite’s but every single one has felt great for us. We aren’t use to so many faces watching us every night. We feel honored and blessed to be apart of such a cool tour.

The story behind their music and their song “Silhouettes”:
Most of our songs are written from personal experiences including Silhouettes. Like many songs on this record it revolves around my families story and the loss of my little sister to a tragic accident in May of 2008.

Silhouettes, to be brief, is about being bold and not allowing the dark moments in live overshadow all the beautiful ones. Sometimes we have to be willing to journey into the darkness to find the light switch to turn on. That is what Silhouettes is about… Nothing Silhouettes until the lights come on.

On getting along while on the road:
We all get along pretty well with each other. We are all best buddies so it is mostly awesome… and only sometimes not awesome. As far as touring habits no one has anything to quirky. We have learned how to tour together so nothing really bothers us to bad.

What to expect in the future for Colony House:
We are currently writing like crazy but are still very focused on “When I Was Younger” and touring as much as possible. So the near future, expect to see us in a city near you.

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