The Best Indie Guide to Hangout Festival

We’re going to make it nice and easy. Here are 17 acts from Hangout Festival that you may not have heard of, but should definitely check out.


Don’t let the menacing moniker fool you. Slap on some sunscreen before heading out to the Gulf Shores and get the celebration started early with electro act SNBRN. With an early Friday morning set and a later afternoon one, you’re basically looking at the perfect party on the beach, all day.



A very peculiar sounding, funky, bluesy, folk-infused instrumental rock duo from Nashville, TN featuring a Brit and a guitarist from Ohio — they just might be the most unique act you will see at Hangout.



Editor’s Pick! Another electro based act, but this one is channeling some amazingly melodic and chill vibes. With a lot of jazzy and old school R&B vocal influences, GIBBZ has a modern approach to classic sounds that will make you want to sway to and fro while sipping a refreshing drink in the ocean breeze.


Trampled by Turtles

If you’re new to the Gulf Shores, Alabama area or the south in general (or hell, even if you’re a local), make sure you get your fill of melancholy bluegrass with banjo-strumming, harmony singing, fiddle playing Trampled by Turtles. (And watch out for turtles while you’re on the beach. Do they trample? I don’t want to find out…)


Zella Day

Though she’s now toting the power of a major label behind her (Hollywood Records), Zella Day has had humble beginnings as a talented pop act with a unique voice that commands presence.



Her influences are listed as “whiskey and water” on Facebook, and she’s worked with notable DJ act Skrillex, who is also playing Hangout — so maybe there’s a guest appearance in the works for this set?



This quartet, hailing from Indiana, is signed to an indie record label out of the UK. It’s safe to say that their melodic and sweet indie darling sound will take them places in 2015.



For all your deep house needs, look no further than the party that is sure to be breaking out over at jackLNDN’s stage on Friday at Hangout Fest.


The Suffers

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Hell no, it’s the soaring sounds of SOUL, baby. There are no words that can express the sheer talent and musicianship that goes behind the old school throwback sound that is The Suffers….so…just watch them live instead.


Toro y Moi

This solo force of sheer entertainment and music madness is playing an earlier set, (despite successfully selling out tour dates over here on the West Coast and having over a million views on YouTube). Speaking of Youtube, one fan has donned him “The Sultan of Swag. The Don of Dance. The Quintessence of Cool.” The earlier set just means you’re going to be having a great time from the very first moment you step foot on the sands of Hangout.


Knox Hamilton

For fans of Two Door Cinema Club and Foster the People, Knox Hamilton is serving up fresh, hot slices of indie rock goodness, making them the best bet as your next indie obsession.


Elliot Root

Editor’s Pick! If John Legend was an indie folk rock artist with a brighter Hozier, then their creation would be Elliot Root. Seriously. Just listen to the sultry goodness of this group!


Young Fathers

Editor’s Pick! This psychedelic, dark, dissonant and groovy act has fused together electronic tones and vocals that sound like the soundtrack to your dreams — or nightmares — and we mean that in the best way possible. Definitely an act you will want to witness live and in person.



With tunes a la throwback electro-pop acts like Washed Out, Goldroom is one part relaxing, one part energy, and all parts tantalizing to the ears.



The name might invoke feelings of thrashing hardcore moshing extremes, however, this indie-dance act is more likely to get your feet moving to a groove. They self-released their debut album and have seen success all over the nation ever since.


Floating Action

Editor’s Pick! Influences of motown make this band a fun little venture into the styles of the past, yet their folky blues and laid back lyrics and vocals add a beachy vibe — Perfect to cruise the sands of Gulf Shores.


Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Editor’s Pick! Do it. Do it for your country. Do it for the love of music everywhere. Do it, and then instantly feel like you’ve stepped into the jazz quarter of New Orleans: an experience that this amazing group is sure to bring to the sandy shores of Alabama.


It’s very possible that we didn’t list every amazing indie act at Hangout Fest (in fact, we know we didn’t), so let us know in the comments who you are excited to see.


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