International Women Who Rock Day

Well, we might have changed it up a bit. But today is International Women’s Day. And in honor of this, we’re highlighting women who have made waves in the indie music world with their talents, stage antics, unique tones, and overall badassery involving music.

  1. Genevieve

With bubbly lyrics and a voice that matches, there is something about Genevieve and her unapologetic pop energy that is instantly addicting. Her NPR Tiny Desk Concert will make you fall in love.

2. Transviolet

San Diego’s own Sarah McTaggart fronts this transcendent pseudo-pop group which has a little Lana Del Ray, a little Halsey, and a lot of existential and self-aware songs.


3. Dead Sara

Ironically, Dead Sara is killing me a little because new music hasn’t been released from their camp in almost 10 months. However, I’m pretty sure they’ve got something cooking up with Emily Armstrong’s uniquely raspy voice at the forefront.


4. Eliot Sumner

The daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler is ready to make her own waves on the music world, and that is very apparent in the heavy-hitting driving “Halfway to Hell”, which showcases Sumner’s distinctive pipes. (And she just played an exciting show at San Diego’s Soda Bar.)


5. Parlour Tricks

This trio has a delicate sound that stings in just the right way with sympathetic lyrics and melodic reveries. And if you want to see them live, they’re playing The Casbah March 16th.


6. The Suffers

One of my newest favorites, The Suffers has a leading lady that is not only rocking to her soulful and powerful drum, but is unapologetically unique and not interested in being lumped together in a box. That kind of individuality really makes their music shine.



7. The Chamanas

Proving music holds no boundaries, The Chamanas like to flirt with Spanish and English themes in their indie rock fueled tunes. And their cover of Portugal The Man’s “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” is a must-hear feature.


There are about a million and one amazing women who rock, so tell us who some of your favorites are!


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