Tame Impala offshoot POND wants you to feel psychedelic

By Ian Valiente
If you’re a fan of Tame Impala, then you must have heard of Pond. And if you’re going to the Casbah Saturday night, then you’ll get to bask in their complete ingenuity. 

From their melodic, psychedelic, and (intentionally) chaotic live performances, the 5-piece group from Perth, Australia is continuing to push their artistic boundaries for fresh and constant movement for their music. Their first show is here in San Diego to kick off their North American tour for upcoming album “The Weather” produced by Kevin Parker (available May 5th).
With Pond’s frontman, Nick Allbrook, the outrageous energy of this collaborative project will capture everyone’s eyes — from the front row to the entrance — without missing a beat. 
Popular tracks that helped give Pond presence include the bob-your-head-and-groove-to, fuzzy, shoe-gaze track “Cloud City.” If you’re looking for an upbeat intro with some funky 70s influence and a hint of David Bowie in the middle, “Elvis’ Flaming Star” will get you going. The albums are not going to be consistent, because Pond plays around with their artistry and they go outside their usual norms to develop their sound.

With the recent releases of three of their music videos in 2017, their visuals give plenty of evidence that they are ambassadors of the growing sub-genre, vaporwave. To see Allbrook on stage would give you a look at his lively personality coming out of his snazzy choice of wear. Why would anyone want to miss out on this? With each show and each release, Pond seems to only be getting better.
“Sweep Me Off My Feet” got me excited for their new album… if only because of their love for subtle memes and use of stock footage.
This album will be evidence of what Allbrook intended for Pond: to be a progression from heavy psych into the synth psych, or into any psych they go for. I’m only looking forward to this release. 
POND is playing The Casbah on Saturday! Check them out and have a psychedelic weekend.

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