Goldroom gave us a great reason to Spread Love

I’ve been really on the “positive music” kick as of late, especially after electronica took on positive vibe/heartfelt themes as a music trend. It’s refreshing, you have to admit, and also — it’s kind of the PERFECT sunny, summertime jams.

Goldroom has blessed us music lovers with a new single today, and it’s definitely invoking its title on a whole other level. If you didn’t feel like doing something good today, just take a listen to this feel-good track, and hopefully your heart will grow a few sizes!

If it doesn’t, that’s okay too, we won’t judge. Either way, this tune needs to go on summer time, beach-ready, road-trip happy playlists everywhere.

Goldroom has been featuring the track in electrified DJ sets for a few months now, and fans on Instagram got a close up look at the new track in San Francisco.

But the official single means you can add it to your party playlists this summer and listen to it on repeat, if you feel like it (or if you’re anything like me when I find a new song I dig).

So dig in! Let us know what you think, and if you’re starting to feel ready for summertime vibes.

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