Diet Cig may help you find yourself

By Ian Valiente

The New York pop-punk duo Diet Cig recently released their lovesick fuzz-pop/garage punk album “Swear I’m Good At This,” a collection of Alex Luciano’s (guitar/vocals) experiences with messy romances and breakups, awkward situations, and the anxieties of youth and terror of adulthood.

Diet Cig’s debut album features catchy and anthem-like melodies that pass as sing-along lyrics; however, it’s Luciano’s tiniest details that prove the most relatable (as well as her DIY and “it’s tough to be a punk while wearing a skirt” attitude, of course).

Immediately, Diet Cig hooked my attention with their kittenish and bubbly social media presence. From their earlier quirky music videos to their Instagram and Facebook pages (their Instagram bio is “💘 slop pop 🍥”),  you can’t help but be reminded of how adventurous/reckless youth can be.

Luciano does a fantastic job being the front-woman she is — from being unapologetically herself through her lyrics to leaping off across the stage from the bass drum with her guitar. And with the help of Noah Bowman’s crafty drums, snare, and cymbal patterns, it adds the kind of flair that proves they aren’t kids on instruments.

Their single “Tummy Ache” off the album Swear I’m Good At This features themes about unwrapping the frustrations of how tough it is in the music industry as a woman, yet remaining positive and supportive of other femme folk to rally together and lift each other up in a male dominated industry and society. The music video stars a group of campers from Girls Rock Philly and Willie Mae Rock Camp and is empowering as a fan or even a casual listener for a band with a platform to support the youth through art and music.

Diet Cig’s audience should find the message in the music liberating with its indie pop/garage punk tunes. Swear I’m Good At This relates as a coming of age story full of frustrations and discovery of self-empowerment.

You’ll most likely see teenage girls with wild hair and middle aged men with no hair screaming the words back at Diet Cig’s shows, so their San Diego show will be a performance to remember. Diet Cig’s ball-of-energy stage antics will have the audience shouting along to the lyrics. And yes- this is an invitation for this Saturday at the Irenic that you don’t want to miss!

And if you’re interested in donating to the organizations featured in the video, you can check out more information about them below.

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