What is The Indie?

The Indie Sound Division is a music site. A place where we get to spill all of my crazy escapades with back alleys, dim lit rooms, bright lights, busted eardrums and backstage passes. We want this site to be about more than just one person’s opinion on the latest albums. We want to share the experiences of shows, the opinions of your music scene, and the stories of the musicians behind all of this.

It’s supposed to be a mixture of fun, thought-provoking and creative topics on music. But it’s also as much your site as it is ours. That means your opinions matter, your thoughts count, and yes, this will be on the final. If you ever have something to say about the music scene around you, consider The Indie SD your very own megaphone.

Whether you’re a music lover in San Diego or somewhere around the world, this site contains all the news, conversations, and stories of a busy & fascinating music scene. Let me know what you think about your music scene, your favorite musicians, or about this site.


Thanks for reading us, and rock on!

-Stephanie, Editor in Chief

Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes this site?  Her name is Stephanie Amadeus. She is the mastermind behind most of this. Insert slightly evil laugh here. We get by with a little help from our friends, so you’ll see a few pages with their names credited. Anything that says “The Indie Staff” is most likely Stef just not wanting to see her name over and over again.

Can I write for The Indie? Absolutely. Please use the contact form and we will get in touch with you and discuss what you want to write!

Do you shoot videos of bands? For free?? Yes, but nothing in life is free. We pay for all of the videos and media on the site either by donations sent to the site, or out of the owner’s pocket. There is no cost to the bands we interview and work with.

So, can my band get a video done by your site?…For free? Sure, but you should contact us first. Also, since we pay for the videos ourselves, we’re a little selective of which bands we shoot with. Maybe in the future when we have more funds we’ll shoot videos of everyone, but for now we get to be picky.

Do you make money from this site? Unfortunately, no. While the site isn’t filed under “non-profit”, it wasn’t originally created to make cash. We are working on projects right now that will offer revenue in the future.

Where do donations go? All of the donations we receive through the site go right into site stuff, and site stuff means more videos, photos, exclusive shows and other media for all of you. We don’t pocket any of the funds, as there are photographers, writers, and editors that need to be paid! If you wish to know more about donating, click here.

Can I advertise on your site? At this moment we’re not setup for advertisements, but in the future we will be, so keep checking in or email sales@theindiesd.com for more info.

Do you write about all genres of music? Yes Just because Stefi doesn’t like a few genres, doesn’t mean we won’t look at and listen to everything with an unbiased view.

Do you write reviews about venues? Music promoters? Large events? If it deals with original music, we’ll take a look at it. :)

Can I subscribe to this site? Of course! You can subscribe to updates via the Facebook page, Stefi’s Twitter, The Indie SD Twitter, or via email by using the form on the main page. Also, check out other ways to E-stalk us, by clicking here.

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