We’re always looking for new artists to cover, speak with, and interview. However, we get quite a lot of emails. Please be patient, and for best results, contact us in advance of your show.

Content Submission For Review/Interviews

If you’re a band or a musician, please send over the following:

❒ Professional recordings or demos of any nature.

❒ Official website or Facebook page, Blog, etc.

❒ EPK or Band Bio, information, and photo

❒ Links to upcoming shows and events



Show Promotion and Live Reviews

If you’re a band or a musician, and you would like us to review/promote your show, please :

❒ Make sure to email us at least two weeks prior to the show

❒ Send over digital image/posters for the show, if applicable.



Legal Inquiries

For legal inquiries, please check out our Copyright Notice


General Inquiries

Please feel free to use the comment form below.

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