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Video killed the radio star. Now they’re internet video stars.

Guilty Pleasure of the Week: I’ve got a girl crush on Kimbra

I’m pretty sure this counts as a girl crush. I daydream to this woman’s voice. I can’t stop listening to her lyrics! Though I have to admit, her accent is throwing me off and sometimes I have no idea what she’s saying. Who am I talking about? The lovely New Zealand talent Kimbra, that’s who.

Does she seem familiar? Perhaps you are one of the 48 million (and counting) who saw the famous video cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”, also known as five people playing one guitar. I saw that video. And I didn’t stop there. No, then I had to look up the original video, then I had to Google search the vixen that stole my heart with her cool cropped hair and amazing voice.

And what I found was Kimbra, a twenty something, jazz-inspired, Nina-Simone-possessed sensation who just recently dropped some goods for America in the form of an EP. And I really hope she catches on because her talent is undeniable, her style is a fresh new interpretation of jazz, and her adorable personality is completely contagious.

You’re so welcome. Also, ten points to everyone who spots the Kid Coolout in the video. Ten more points if you actually know who Kid Coolout is.


Mraz: He’s like a fine wine…

I swear I’ll get back to San Diego musicians very soon. Besides, he might not be from SD, but he does live here and that counts for something right? Jason Mraz, in my opinion, just gets better with age and his latest single proves this point. Forget calling him a “pop” musician, forget Geek in the Pink and his other forays into whimsical, light-as-air fluffy songs. Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful lyrics and the near perfect delivery of melody in Mraz’s latest single, “I Won’t Give Up On Us.”

For folk and indie lovers, it’s probably going to please you. For others, you might need a little bit more convincing. But the single does prove that Mraz may be harvesting an even more mature sound, and it definitely works for him. What do you think about this new single? Are you expecting a great fourth album to come from this?

Streetside Sessions: Social Club

When we rolled a piano out onto the streets of San Diego with local band Social Club, we weren’t quite expecting what would happen next. These guys (and one gal) graciously offered to be the guinea pigs of Streetside Sessions, a video feature that you’re only going to get here on the Indie SD. At least, you’re mostly only going to get it here. You can always check out Social Club’s website to hear more from the amazingly catchy yet refreshing pop rock band, and try to catch a show or two since they’ve proven that it’s never a dull moment backstage with these guys.

Social Club opted to grace us with an acoustic performance of their song “Debris” and since it hasn’t quite been recorded yet, consider this an inside look into the beauty of the band. With an acoustic piano, bass, drum set, and acoustic guitar all out on the streets of San Diego, we shot this band with the backdrop of  downtown in the distance – complete with the international airport’s aircraft overhead — don’t miss Southwest Airlines’ free promotion – you’re welcome, SW!