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This Week: Nightmare Air and Ticket Giveaways

The Indie SD is hosting a show this week, which means free stuff, free giveaways, amazing music, and the kick ass energy of North Park’s U-31 with Los Angeles based rockers Nightmare Air. Continue reading This Week: Nightmare Air and Ticket Giveaways

The Theme Song this Week is by Oh, Spirit

San Diego basedĀ Oh, Spirit isĀ melding together modern folk with 60s influenced rock that is sure to make your indie-music-loving heart explode — in the best way possible.
Continue reading The Theme Song this Week is by Oh, Spirit

The Indie SD Presents: Barbarian, The Lonely Wild, Warships!

barbarian the lonely wild theindie sd

This Wednesday, TheIndie SD presents three amazing bands at my new favorite venue, The Griffin. I think you just figured out the best way to get through hump day. You’re welcome!

If you haven’t heard the dramatic indie folk tunes of The Lonely Wild, please put them on your playlist as soon as humanly possible! I’m completely in love with the entire package of this band, which at times includes just the right amount of driving, folky drum beats and crooning, eerie guitar melodies. Their song “Buried in the Murder” paints the perfect scene for the lyrics “Will we stand up and see eye to eye, once the wild has torn straight through our guards.” Deep.

Barbarian offers just what their name states: an unapologetic, unique display of musicianship that is both messy and exhilarating, connected and yet unpolished. And then there’s Warships, the group that will turn this whole thing into a dance party. With their catchy tunes and upbeat 70s inspired riffs, Warships offers music reminiscent of an extra groovy, atmospheric Two Door Cinema Club. They are sure to get a few feet moving, including mine — no judging my terrible dance skills, though!


To top off all this fun, I have a pair of tickets to give away! Head over to the Facebook event page and RSVP to be entered to win a pair! You can purchase tickets for this event on the Griffin’s website. SEE YOU THERE, INDIES!