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Theme Song This Week: Tears for Fears and Arcade Fire, oh my!

listen-tears-for-fears-cover-arcade-fires-ready-to-start_the_indie_sdHow did I not know about this until recently? Who was hiding this amazing musical event from my ears? Despite floating around the internet for weeks now, I’ve just recently learned of Tears for Fears‘ cover of Arcade Fire’s “Ready to Start”, and it is glorious. Eargasm overload. Or maybe I am a bit overzealous, but seriously, this cover caught my attention immediately and now I can’t get it out of my head.

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Tears for Fears is already a timeless force to be reckoned with, as they continue to have a strong fan base and have even helped to inspire such artists from Kimbra to Kanye West. But to hear their recent venture really reminds you that this 80s group is the coolest ever in any decade.

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They chose a perfect song, and T4F is able to pull out some of the beautiful moments of Arcade Fire’s melody, while adding in their own playful, unexpected air that the New Wave duo is known for.

But don’t read into it too much. Just listen and try hard to keep your mind from exploding.

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Guilty Pleasure of the Week: I’ve got a girl crush on Kimbra

I’m pretty sure this counts as a girl crush. I daydream to this woman’s voice. I can’t stop listening to her lyrics! Though I have to admit, her accent is throwing me off and sometimes I have no idea what she’s saying. Who am I talking about? The lovely New Zealand talent Kimbra, that’s who.

Does she seem familiar? Perhaps you are one of the 48 million (and counting) who saw the famous video cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”, also known as five people playing one guitar. I saw that video. And I didn’t stop there. No, then I had to look up the original video, then I had to Google search the vixen that stole my heart with her cool cropped hair and amazing voice.

And what I found was Kimbra, a twenty something, jazz-inspired, Nina-Simone-possessed sensation who just recently dropped some goods for America in the form of an EP. And I really hope she catches on because her talent is undeniable, her style is a fresh new interpretation of jazz, and her adorable personality is completely contagious.

You’re so welcome. Also, ten points to everyone who spots the Kid Coolout in the video. Ten more points if you actually know who Kid Coolout is.