Sidewalk Serenades: Social Club

Streetside Sessions: Social Club

When we rolled a piano out onto the streets of San Diego with local band Social Club, we weren’t quite expecting what would happen next. These guys (and one gal) graciously offered to be the guinea pigs of Streetside Sessions, a video feature that you’re only going to get here on the Indie SD. At least, you’re mostly only going to get it here. You can always check out Social Club’s website to hear more from the amazingly catchy yet refreshing pop rock band, and try to catch a show or two since they’ve proven that it’s never a dull moment backstage with these guys.

Social Club opted to grace us with an acoustic performance of their song “Debris” and since it hasn’t quite been recorded yet, consider this an inside look into the beauty of the band. With an acoustic piano, bass, drum set, and acoustic guitar all out on the streets of San Diego, we shot this band with the backdrop of  downtown in the distance – complete with the international airport’s aircraft overhead — don’t miss Southwest Airlines’ free promotion – you’re welcome, SW!

5 thoughts on “Streetside Sessions: Social Club”

  1. The first time I heard this song it didn’t do anything for me. For some reason today It went right to my soul. As a band manager I find myself wondering if any of Tower XVI songs touch listeners this way. I’m bias too some days I listen to a Tower song and I just say wow. Social Club is now on my radar and I think seeing them and meeting them live might just brighten my day.

    1. I’ve had songs like that before, where first time around I didn’t really notice, but then later it just clicks! Sometimes songs are all about the timing. :) I’m glad to hear that you enjoy Social Club, and thanks for reading, John!

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