Silver Snakes Album Cover

Silver Snakes is getting a little more colorful

Silver Snakes Album CoverIt takes a lot these days to stand out. You get a lot of bands that blend right into one another and it makes listening to new music rather tedious. However, every now and then comes a band that catches your ear for one reason or another, and this band (at least in my opinion) is about to release their debut on vinyl on July 24th.

Los Angeles’ Silver Snakes, who actually dropped this album late last year, is re-releasing “Pictures of a Floating World” in limited quantities in three different colors, all pressings coming with a special code to digitally download two new songs from their digital single “Old Light.”

The real question is this – how does it play?

Well for post-hardcore fans, people who found themselves with bands like Thursday and At the Drive-In will probably find themselves enjoying this band, and the music actually even gave me flashbacks to other things in that vein as well. For those of you into vocalists who aren’t necessarily screaming every lyric, this will do you well. For the rest of you that enjoy a good scream, you’ll probably enjoy this too. There’s definitely elements of Underoath circa They’re Only Chasing Safety-era. These are the kind of things that I enjoy putting in my iPod, and the news over its re-release in a few short days is a great chance for you to experience this band for the first time if you haven’t checked them out.

If you need a pedigree, or even just a small hint that this band has chops, know that Steve Choi (RX Bandits) and Roger Camero (No Motiv) actually helmed the effort, who has been out on tour with Aegis and has a show coming up in Tuscon on August 7th. Who do they happen to be playing with that night? Why, Coheed and Cambria of course.

Animal Style Records is the one responsible for putting out the vinyl, and tracks like “Lungs and Lanterns” and “Rebuild Us” are fairly catchy and could keep you wanting more. If you’re ready to give these throwbacks a chance, you can pre-order the vinyl before its release on the 24th, or head on over to iTunes and pick up the release now.



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