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Imagine Dragons, appropriate band name is appropriate

Check out these photos of Imagine Dragons when they performed at their SOLD OUT San Diego House of Blues show.

With a band name that is oddly appropriate, Imagine Dragons churned out an energy packed show that was almost tribal in nature, backed by a “magical forest” of lights and stage design, which conveniently illuminated different colors to match the mood of each song. It was like being in a Pixar movie about tree spirits who play dance music and occasionally paint with all the colors of the wind. It may be hard to imagine, pun intended, so the photos below will do a much better job of showcasing the brilliance that is Imagine Dragons.

Photos by Christian Rodas, Soul Venture Productions.

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Atlas Genius smoothly navigates the indie radio waves

atlas genius san diego house of blues imagine dragons “Like a Quaker in a strip club, I was enamored with this new discovery and I wanted more.”

Being one who is typically not on the cutting edge of most technological trends, I was relatively late to the Spotify bandwagon. In fact I was well invested and sufficiently pleased with my Pandora account and had no reason to fix something that wasn’t broken—or so I thought. With great hesitancy I relinquished what little virtual privacy I once held to Spotify, but in return I would gain a doorway to a world of musical discover. But instead of yammering on about the majestic musical database, I would rather discuss Atlas Genius, an Australian based indie-pop band whose new album When it Was Now was released last month and whose popularity have gone from 0 to 60 in half a quarter beat—for those of you who can’t add fractions well, that’s really fast.

Taking an atypical approach to music, the foursome focused on building a studio that would facilitate creativity and songwriting years before they ever performed live as Atlas Genius. Brothers Michael and Keith Jeffries carefully designed their workspace exactly the way they wanted not really knowing where it would lead them. After two years of building and playing at local pubs to finance their dream studio, their musical mecca was finally in place where they would write and produce their EP Through the Glass and eventually their full-length debut When it Was Now.

Unsuspecting and unaware of what was to come, when their featured song “Trojans” came up on Spotify, I was hooked like a fat kid in an all-you-can-eat doughnut shop. Their aptly named hit song permeated my psyche much like the Trojan horse did the once thriving Spartan fortress. Hours later I couldn’t help but unconsciously hum the melody, which was quite frustrating considering I didn’t know but a few lyrics. The relatively simplistic song elements were powerful enough to get my toe tapping and my soul dancing. Like a Quaker in a strip club, I was enamored with this new discovery and I wanted more.

Much to the surprise of the guys from down under, “Trojans” was an instant hit. Soon after sharing their catchy tune on sites such as Triple J Unearthed, Sound Cloud and iTunes, the song began attracting attention from labels, publishers, and a barrage of others in the music industry. However, the guys were so wrapped up in their college studies they didn’t bother to check the band email. Fortunately, once they had, Atlas Genius was more focused on music than they ever had been—paving the way to two major tours, a major label contract and a full-length album.

Although When it was Now, which released mid February, is a fun album to listen to, it is anything but revolutionary. Their overall approach to the album falls a bit on the formulaic side and may not speak to the music snob continually boasting about “the band that’s gonna change it all.” That being said, for the guy/gal who loves music that simply sounds good (I know, totally subjective) and is well written (how egocentric is this guy?), Atlas Genius will always be the band that may not be at the top of the list, but will certainly bring the fun.

Their full length album When it Was Now is available now on iTunes and other music retailers.

View Photos of Atlas Genius, live at The House of Blues San Diego on March 18th. Photos by Christian Rodas, Soul Venture Productions.
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Imagine Dragons’ nearly sold out tour is our Guilty Pleasure of the Week

If you were looking forward to seeing up and coming indie darlings Atlas Genius and platinum-selling Imagine Dragons perform live this year, you might have to wait until next season — seeing as how the bands have currently sold out 19 dates on their tour. But there may be one more chance for Southern California to enjoy these two acts live…

Imagine Dragons performing live in Orlando. Photo courtesy Facebook
Imagine Dragons performing live in Orlando. Photo courtesy Facebook

I don’t think I could have predicted the amount of sold out dates on the Atlas Genius and Imagine Dragons tour this year, but it’s quite shocking. Hearing that the House of Blues San Diego was sold out made since: the venue really isn’t that big and these two bands are quickly outgrowing the smaller digs that they’ve selected for their tour. But upon further inspection, one will find that the bands have also sold out at least 19 dates, including shows in Boston, Portland, Anaheim, Canada and two dates in Chicago. Yowsa!

Tickets are still floating about on ticket resellers such as StubHub, which is great if you have anywhere between $114 to $350 to spare on one ticket alone. For most of us, that’s a little too steep for one night of fun, regardless of how much buzz these bands have generated. These resellers bring up the question of ticket scalping, making me wonder if this is some sort of inside job to monopolize the indie market on these bands. Ticket scalping is infamous for targeting big acts and major sporting events, but for two indie bands? It seems a little improbable. Or maybe that is my conspiracy theory side getting the best of me.

Regardless of all of this, there are still at least two chances for the Southern California crowd to see Imagine Dragons and Atlas Genius sometime before 2014. Tickets are still currently available for Santa Barbara and Bakersfield tour dates — and at the regular, face value price. That is, if you want to drive the approximate three hours to see them perform. (Honestly…I would and just might!)

But if those dates will turn out anything like the beginning of their tour, the tickets are sure to be gone very quickly.

In the meantime, there’s always the internet to quench your indie thirst for these two great acts. And with today’s release of Atlas Genius’ well anticipated full length album When It Was Now, you have all new goodies from this band, just waiting to be devoured.

Let us know in the comments below if you plan on attending one of the tour dates for Atlas Genius and Imagine Dragons!