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Sleeping With Sirens’ new album Feel

SWS_LP_FEEL_PRINT_sleeping_with_sirens_the_indie_sdThis coming Tuesday marks the release of Sleeping with Sirens much-anticipated third studio album, Feel. While many bands who don’t frequent popular radio find themselves in some sort of hard-core limbo, either playing local shows for the entirety of their career or traveling the world with the likes of Pierce the Veil or Chiodos, it’s pretty clear you either make it or you don’t. That can usually be determined by the time a band drops their third album, if they ever make one, but something tells me Sleeping with Sirens is here for the long haul.

These Florida boys have made a name for themselves since their beginning in 2009 with their debut album With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear. Their latest release Feel carries the band’s original sound to new levels with such singles as “Alone”, which features rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Feel¬†opens with an upbeat anthem,¬† detouring a bit from the band’s usual post hardcore sound, and perhaps opening the door to the possibility of reaching new listeners who would have otherwise not given this genre a chance.

SWS has kept up a trend of putting a few slower ballads in the mix, and this trend continues with contemplative songs like “Sorry”. It’s obvious that these guys have grown as a band and this can be heard not only instrumentally, but through their lyrics as well. “Free Now” is such an amazing combination of emotion and strength; lead singer Kellin Quinn opens up about his mother, father and daughter in such a forthright way with the lyrics “I wrote this song for my father/Sometimes I feel he never gave a damn about me”. After listening to these songs just once, I found myself humming the melodies and singing the few lines that really stuck in my head.

Anyone can come up with a gimmick and out music, but it takes something extra to write songs that stick with people, songs that make them want to keep coming back to the album until they’ve memorized it in its entirety, and this is one of those albums. This summer, the band will play the main stage for Vans Warped Tour and they have just finished wrapping up a sold out UK tour.

So perhaps you don’t listen to punk, scream, or post hardcore or anything along those lines, but in any case I would give this album a listen. You might be pleasantly surprised!

New Sleeping With Sirens album Feel will be out June 4th! In the meantime, you can stream the album in its entirety below via the band’s Youtube: