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Ray Lamontagne goes deeper dimensions


Ray Lamontagne fans may have suffered a severe case of shock after listening to his latest album, Supernova, which released late April. I certainly know I was. In fact, ten seconds into the first song I didn’t know how to feel because it was so vastly different from every bit of Lamontagne that I was used to. I was so confused that I was forced to explore how much I really liked this new sound. Continue reading Ray Lamontagne goes deeper dimensions

Brandon Boyd’s mystifying new solo project

brandon-boyd-the-indie-sdThe tune this week is a song in which I literally cannot stop hitting the “repeat” button. Brandon Boyd has proven to be a musical chameleon over the years, whether you’re following the flowing discography of Incubus or taking a look at his own solo work and artwork. However, he may have outdone himself with latest project, Sons of the Sea, an electrical symphony of love songs that inspire clarity and sometimes even sex appeal.

Sons of the Sea began very quietly as a duo between Boyd and multi-instrumentalist Brendan O’Brien; with a few lyric videos here and there, and an EP, Compass, released on a record label that apparently doesn’t really show up in a Google search. Boyd has never had to prove his humbleness, since even though Incubus has penned some iconic songs, they still give regularly to charities via the Make Yourself Foundation, and they’re even not afraid to meet and greet with a fan or two; however, the small ripple of Sons of the Sea’s release is a sheer testament to Boyd’s lack of interest in fanfare.

Ironically, you could juxtapose Boyd’s personal humility with his music, which offers searing vocals, clear melodies, composition with depth and mood, and lyrical lessons worth listening to. In particular, the tune “Lady Black” is a completely enchanting track which powers through a love story that is observant and sincere. The choice of music to escort this age-old tale of unrequited love has the perfect intensity, as the entire track leaves an eerily adventurous vibe in my ears and a few goosebumps on my skin. The good kind of goosebumps. You know, the ones you get when someone whispers something amazing to you. Yeah, those kind of goosebumps!



“If love goes unrequited, can we really call it love? Do I hang on? Or should I let go?” Lyrics to live by, even if they are posed as a question. It’s a question that we all have to ask ourselves, and even Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd is not immune to the powerful feelings of uncertainty in love. Sons of the Sea is a continuation of Boyd’s brilliance, and I hope he will carry on with this project in the future, because I know I’m definitely not letting go.

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