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On Tour: Jimmy Lightly Snack on World!

I’ve never had so much fun with a Twitter Trending Topic as #lessexcitingbandnames. Which might sound a little bit like the name of a porno if you look at it too quickly and the first word you see is “sex”. Not that I’m saying that’s the first word I saw…

Here’s the genius answers that I came up with, and bonus points if you can guess the band.

Jimmy Lightly Snack on World

Foster Home the People

Death Cab for She Has a Great Personality

Head Manual

Princes of Leon


Very Low Class Rut

Minus the Teddy Bear

Peanut Butter and Pearl Jam

The Stationary Stones


Everytime I Leave This World to Enter the Next

Safety-Scissor Sisters

Snowflake Patrol


The Slightly-Darker-Than-Gray Keys


Black Eyed Legumes

What were some of your favorites? Rolling Stone Magazine Online indulged in a few of their favorites as well.