Trouble in the Wind

Guilty Pleasure of the Week: Banjos just got a little bit cooler

Trouble in the Wind
Trouble in the Wind. Photo courtesy their website.

I know it’s technically almost the middle of the week but this is perfect timing to try something a little different, in the form of alt-country groovers Trouble in the Wind, who have masterfully placed their own laid-back, melodic emotion into a quaint version of folk music. Their sound is almost reminiscent to the far out, hippie generation of the 70s that makes you want to pull out the flowers and the peace signs, and I’m diggin’ it.

Lead singer Robbie Gira brings a modern tone to the music with his almost effortless vocals, while the band (including banjo, accordion, and an upright bassist) flow out a steady instrumentation that keeps your ears happy, even if you can’t always make out the words.

This band is…underground cool. And the reason why this band is the definition of underground cool (a term that I just made up right now)? They’re naturally packed with emotion, superb musicianship, and just enough melody to get their songs stuck in your head in the best way possible. They know their genre, and yet they’re not quite like everything else that you’ll hear out there. And on top of all of that, I’ve had the pleasure to hear them live, and they pull out all the stops in person, too.

If you’re in San Diego, check out Trouble in the Wind at the Belly Up this week. Flowers and bell bottoms not required. But also, let me know what YOU think about their style.


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