SDMT: Go see Baywood, your folk heart will thank you

Time to clap your hands, stomp your feet, and harmonize along to catchy songs that will instantly melt your heart. San Diego Music Thing is offering a multitude of musical genres in tonight’s shows, and this one is sure to please all the folk/indie pop fans out there.


Baywood, Denison Witmer, Trouble in the Wind, others at Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge – Friday September 13th

baywood_the_indie-sdI cannot stop singing and humming this tune by Baywood, a perfectly quirky and perfectly catchy duo that is mastering their medium of folk pop. If the lyrics don’t warm your heart, then surely the happy melodies of “Gotta Get You” will. The song title is wildly appropriate, since I feel like they got me as soon as I started listening.

Denison Witmer is just as alluring, with a mellow almost bluesy tinge to his songs, reminiscent of Elliott Smith or Sufjan Stevens . His sultry voice will soothe you as you fight the urge to start singing along with mesmerizing melodies. In fact, don’t fight the urge — I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a lovestruck audience as vocal backup!

A perfect lineup of local favorites will also be on stage tonight, including Trouble in the Wind, who incorporate banjos and a lively attitude to their set. So make sure you check it all out at Clare de Lune Coffee Lounge!

For more information on the San Diego Music Thing, including the full lineup and how to buy tickets and passes, check out the official website.


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