The Theme Song This Week: Jamie O’Connor and the emotion of Whisker Spoon

Regardless of where you’re from or where you live, there’s something about the sound of a banjo and the beautiful, raw emotions behind folk that just feels like summer.

“Got off on the wrong foot again, ’cause the words came out but not the words I meant. I’ve been running fast because I think I can, but I have stumbled. I have fallen down. So I fucked things up ’cause I am stupid. But I don’t feel doubt ’cause I can prove it. And it don’t make sense that you can love love love me to tears, but you did this time. But you did.”

The intro to this song penned by folk-americana singer/songwriter Jamie O’Connor immediately hooks you in, from those epic first lines listed above. The painfully honest lyrics paint a familiar picture for us all — don’t they?  — making this somewhat ominous subject of heartbreak and the confusing nature of love just a bit more uplifting, in a “well you’re not the only one to go through this!” kind of way. The track kicks in to gear, adding driving electrics to the intensity of the lyrics, which build up until the end of the song; the paramount confession: “Please come back home again.”

In a way, O’Connor’s gritty approach to folk takes the delicate and gives it an edgy nature that exposes his strong voice and never leaves the listen emotionally wanting. He picks up on themes of lost love quite often during his album Whisker Spoon, but don’t start feeling sad just yet. There’s a melodious energy behind the way he plays and records, taking some of these heart-wrenching themes and turning them in to ballads for the pursued, and anthems for the pursuer.

Based in northern San Diego, O’Connor is also a reminder that San Diego’s music culture is rich and expands well beyond just the Gaslamp! Check out his official website for more info.





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