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International Women Who Rock Day

Well, we might have changed it up a bit. But today is International Women’s Day. And in honor of this, we’re highlighting women who have made waves in the indie music world with their talents, stage antics, unique tones, and overall badassery involving music.

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Warped Pleasure of the Week: Dead Sara

It’s that time of year again boys and girls. Teenagers, PETA warriors, and one journalist-like, music loving blogger will be sweaty and dehydrated for the chance to see a handful of metal-core bands and one or two fairly awesome closers. But wait, don’t hate on Warped Tour just yet. I know it tends to be a biased music production, but with over 90 bands performing there is bound to be something for everyone — a few diamonds in the rough — which is why I’m highlighting some particularly shiny Guilty Pleasures of the Week for the rest of June.

I have to start with gruff, rough-around-the-edges rock group Dead Sara, because I have a weakness for female-fronted bands. And the first moment that I heard the unique vocals of Emily Armstrong part screaming, part singing over the powerful guitar riffs that are an ode to the nu metal style of the 90s, I was in love. Armstrong seems to channel the fiery rasp of Janis Joplin as she pours either pure emotion or raw energy (I can’t tell which one) into the lyrics “So go for the kill/’Cause no one else cares!” from the single “Weatherman”.

But don’t get me wrong, Armstrong is no Joplin. Armstrong is at times missing style and magnetism in her voice, causing some to say Dead Sara’s debut full length album as a whole falls a little flat.  Despite the huge growth spurt of the band, it’s probably going to be up to their live performances to convince audiences that they are definitely not a one-trick pony and have more to offer. (Just check out some of the meaningless heavy debate on the YouTube page for this video for more on how unconvinced a few people are.)

But… it is their first album. They are allowed a first album to put themselves out there and grow from here on out. Despite the lack of dynamic, I’m excited to see what they can pull out for their sophomore attempt. But what do you think? Do you think we’ll hear more from this band in the future?