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All aboard the S.S. Coachella

If you can afford it, board it! I should write the advertising campaign for Coachella’s brand new water version of its sold out, three day, hippie & hipster music lovers’ festival. While the theory seems kind of neat (many artists have done cruises in the past, including Weezer), I’m just going to guess that the only people who can afford this cruise are the same people who bought three day Coachella passes just to listen to two artists and spend the rest of their time drunk in a field. Basically, if you can throw the money away, why not throw it overboard a classy cruiseliner?

I’d be much more excited if the lineup was better — Sleigh Bells and Girl Talk are about the only acts on here that would make this cruise a party, and while Yeasayer and Hot Chip are interesting, are they $700 worth of interesting?

On a side note, it is nearly impossible to hide contraband booze or weed on a cruise ship headed for an international destination. Maybe the high prices are to deter the criminal masterminds from getting detained in the Bahamas because Maui Wowie does not count as a valid proof of US citizenship?

What do you think? Would you go on a Coachella cruise? Let me know in the comments!




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Guilty Pleasure of the Week: Girl Talk + Dance

Girl Talk, courtesy of PitchPerfectPR.com
Gregg Gillis, aka 'Girl Talk', is a sampling machine. Logo courtesy of PitchPerfectPR.com

What is it about our culture? We love random dancers. We like to dance in the aisles of grocery stores and we like to break out on the corners of streets, complete with pieces of cardboard as our stage. Whenever you add the talented skills of modern dance and put it in the middle of the streets, it’s kind of a recipe for greatness.

I’m not the only person who loves this stuff. Just give in to your guilty pleasure already and check out this video and post, Girl Talk Meets Girl Walk. While you’re there, relish in the musical love child of Ludacris and Phoenix that plays in the background; a mixture that could only be brought to us by the sampling frenzy of Girl Talk.

I think I just got a new guilty pleasure. But it’s not really guilty if I’m proud of it, is it?