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Goldroom gave us a great reason to Spread Love

I’ve been really on the “positive music” kick as of late, especially after electronica took on positive vibe/heartfelt themes as a music trend. It’s refreshing, you have to admit, and also — it’s kind of the PERFECT sunny, summertime jams.

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By an Ion’s New Teaser for ‘Tokyo’

It’s rare that an electronic or new wave act comes out of your local music scene and yet already sounds like the heavy-hitters and chart-toppers we hear when we’re out every weekend. But San Diego’s By an Ion have done just that — commanding the luminous genres of dance just as well as some of the veterans of this music world. Continue reading By an Ion’s New Teaser for ‘Tokyo’

Theme Song This Week comes from hip hop duo N.A.S.A.

Making waves in the hip hop/dance hybrid scene is LA based duo N.A.S.A., who started off with street smart beats and witty rhymes back in 2009, but are now getting people pumped on the electro dance floor. And you might have heard this song already, but didn’t know who it was.

N.A.S.A’s latest single, “Hide” has blown up, thanks in part to being featured on an ad for Sonos’s HiFi Home Entertainment System; but a lot of credit is due to Tropkillaz, who remixed the track quite beautifully. If you take a listen to their earlier music, a la 2009 album The Spirit of Apollo, the group’s vibe is more along the lines of classic 70s and 80s early hip hop and artists such as Atmosphere or Blackalicious.

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But now? Now the duo is taking an electro approach, and they’re definitely doing it the right way. Never a stickler for labels, N.A.S.A.’s entire project has been an exercise in genre-bending tunes with little to no rules. Couple their flexible characteristics in collaborations with the fact that hip hop has become the world of mainstream dance music for now, and the new sound makes sense. Plus N.A.S.A. (which is an acronym for North America South America), is indie enough to make the changes in their music without casting a huge tidal wave of confusion over their current fans.

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Hopefully they have a new full length release in the works, but for now, this amazing single will just have to tide us over. It’s been on my “Going Out” playlist for weeks. What do you think?

Guilty Pleasure of the Week: Girl Talk + Dance

Girl Talk, courtesy of PitchPerfectPR.com
Gregg Gillis, aka 'Girl Talk', is a sampling machine. Logo courtesy of PitchPerfectPR.com

What is it about our culture? We love random dancers. We like to dance in the aisles of grocery stores and we like to break out on the corners of streets, complete with pieces of cardboard as our stage. Whenever you add the talented skills of modern dance and put it in the middle of the streets, it’s kind of a recipe for greatness.

I’m not the only person who loves this stuff. Just give in to your guilty pleasure already and check out this video and post, Girl Talk Meets Girl Walk. While you’re there, relish in the musical love child of Ludacris and Phoenix that plays in the background; a mixture that could only be brought to us by the sampling frenzy of Girl Talk.

I think I just got a new guilty pleasure. But it’s not really guilty if I’m proud of it, is it?