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The New Regime – “We Rise, We Fall”

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Ilan Rubin: The New Regime has risen


The famously talented (and young!) drummer for Nine Inch Nails, Paramore, and Angels & Airwaves has a new stamp on the music scene that is solely his. Enter, The New Regime, drummer Ilan Rubin’s latest pride and joy. He’s created the project all by himself, which gives this versatile musician the chance to show off all that he has up his sleeves. Check out this interview with Rubin, where we talked about his ambitious plans for the music industry.

TheIndieSD: First off, congrats on the new release, and for being on this month’s cover of Rhythm! :)

Ilan Rubin: Thank you very much!

TISD: You’ve accomplished a lot in the music industry and performed with many successful acts at such a young age! Did you always feel that your career would take you in this direction? Where do you see your solo project, The New Regime, five years from now?

IR: In terms of the drumming side of my career I suppose that this is the direction I saw it going in. Ideally, I think most people see themselves achieving their goals in the format of a band but my goals evolved into what I’ve been doing for a while now. The New Regime is where I see my true master plan unfolding. I’ll keep writing material during my commitments with other bands but when I have the time to properly tour with The New Regime I feel that the sky is the limit.

TISD: Paramore, Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves — all amazing bands, with very different sounds! Tell me about how it feels to be a part of so many unique projects?

IR: It’s a lot of fun getting to play with all of the above and becoming good friends with good people. They’re all different bands and its nice to get to play the drums differently in them all.

TISD:How did you feel back in 1999 when you got the opportunity to play at Woodstock?

IR: The subject that won’t go away! It was a very long time ago… I was excited to play a big show back then just as I would be now but I honestly don’t hold that event in high regard. I played a show when I was young, oh well.

TISD: Starting off your career so young, did you ever have moments of doubt or feel overwhelmed with how quick-paced the music industry can be?

IR: I never had any doubts in terms of me doing the right thing by pursuing music. However, there will always be a concern as to how I can achieve my goals in such an inconsistent and volatile industry. I’m working on it and am constantly thinking about ways to make this happen.

TISD: I can hear a little bit of NiN influence in The New Regime. Tell me about some of your other influences that helped to mold your solo project?

IR: As far as bands I’ve played with I think that NIN would be the only one to reveal itself as an influence in my music. I feel like a broken record when I talk about the music that influences but Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, Beethoven, Bach, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Jeff Buckley, to name a few…

TISD: Have you collaborated with other musicians for The New Regime, or do you plan on collaborating with others in the future?

IR: I haven’t collaborated with anybody for The New Regime. I write, play, and sing everything and my brother/manager Aaron records, mixes, and co-produces with me. I would collaborate with people in the future but the guys I’d like to approach wouldn’t waste their time with me!

TISD: How did it feel to be back in your hometown of San Diego shooting the Trolley Show? (Awesome job, by the way!)

IR: The Trolley show was a lot of fun! I must admit that it was my first time on the trolley and it was a pleasant experience. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you!

TISD: You’re known as a drummer, but how does it feel to get the chance to show off your other talents with your solo project? Do you plan to work more singing and guitar into your future musical endeavors?

IR: The New Regime is the only way I can truly show who I am as a musician. I’d be happy to use any skills I have if the job calls for it and have had fun doing so in NIN and Angels and Airwaves.

TISD: Have you ever had any funny/embarrassing moments on stage or throughout your career?

IR: The only thing that comes to mind would be my 21st birthday during a show in Paris with Nine Inch Nails. I was completely shocked when two strippers danced on both sides of me and dropped a cake on my head. You can see it on Youtube. People seem to find it funny.

(He’s referring to this video, which is NSFW. Thanks Youtube!)

TISD: Do you have a current music obsession at the moment? Favorite song on repeat or an album you can’t stop listening to?

IR: Lots of Depeche Mode. I’m late to everything when it comes to music so I’ve had a good time going through their catalogue.

TISD: Are there other challenges, instruments, experiences you want to tackle in the future during your career? What other plans do you have in mind?

IR: The challenge I’m most focused on and is most important to me is achieving my goals with The New Regime. It isn’t a side project to me and I really want to take it as far as humanly possible.

The New Regime just released a brand new video! Check out “Daydream” below and let us know what you think in the comments.