Indie’s Best Kept Secrets: By An Ion

Not necessarily a secret, since this Southern California duo is just now striking up a storm in the electronic and dance indie music scene. But still a best kept secret, since you definitely need to know about them right now, and here’s why.

There have been some amazing music revelations over the past decade, as we all transitioned from “bubble gum pop” and r&b rap fusions being the mainstream norm, to dance hits, dubstep, and club-worthy tunes that hold their own both on and off the dance floor. Even our favorite rap artists are creating music that gets you moving with driving beats, beautiful melodies, and synthetic sounds that are strewn together with taste, not haste. Dance has become a genre that is finally recognized for being broad and flavorful and riddled with talented musicians and brilliant composers.

With that setup, it’s time to introduce this week’s Best Kept Secret: By An Ion. It’s clear from the very first listen that this group is going to become a fan favorite among Southern Californians. Vocalists Ray Aguilar and Alex Gonzales share most of the heavy lifting by switching off between lead vocals and covering most of the synths; leading you to believe this two-man setup is actually hiding a group of talented musicians behind them. Perhaps we should be looking for a silk screen at their performance Wed at U-31, but you won’t find one! All of the amazing sounds coming from this group are handled in a perfectly packaged two-piece.

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Two-piece bands are becoming some of the biggest acts as of late (ahem, The Black Keys, The Civil Wars, and Disclosure, we’re looking at you), proving that it doesn’t necessarily take a village to raise a song. And By An Ion has fathered a slew of songs, all worthy of praise and moving on to big and amazing things. Their current repertoire is blatantly diverse and yet seamlessly stamped with their own personal feel for the genre, which is impressive from a group that hasn’t had their first performance yet. You can hitch a ride on the driving, melodic force behind their single “One”, or choose to chill out, close your eyes, and enjoy the ominous dark cloud that is “Andromeda”, an ode to downtempo that delivers energy in a rhythm reminiscent of a heartbeat.

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Either way, you have several reasons to be impressed and several songs to love and add to either your “Going Out” or “Let’s Start Studying” playlists. Their first show is highly anticipated as Gonzales, who is also the drummer for The New Division, will likely crossfade some current fans over to the new project. A hearty mix of collaborations means there may even be a surprise guest or two on the stage with By An Ion.


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