GP of the Week: The Cataracs

This week’s Guilty Pleasure is just in time for the long Memorial Day Weekend. While I’m usually not one to jump right in to the dance and pop music scene, there are a few diamonds in the rough who prove that you can party and have a little musicality all at the same time. You’ve probably already heard The Cataracs from one of their many top singles, (“Like a G6“, “Bass Down Low“, and “Alcohol”, shown above, to name a few). Now you can catch producer and vocalist Niles “Cyrano” Hollowell-Dhar live at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Club 207 in San Diego. The best news is, the show is free if you add your name to the guest list.

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Free party on Memorial Day Weekend with a hot, up and coming pop act? I’m in!

Even more free stuff on the radar: You can download The Cataracs’ latest single “Big Dipper” feat. Luciana via SoundCloud.

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