The Theme Song This Week is an ode to Dexter

The theme song for this week comes from a YouTube star who will really blow your mind with her original song inspired by Dexter Morgan.  Trust me when I say this tune is perfect, mysterious and just on the verge of moody, just like the famed vigilante serial killer.

With over 170 videos, 120,000 subscribers, and god knows how many total views (hint: A LOT), I’m seriously surprised that this charismatic and humble singer and songwriter hasn’t found herself smack dab in the middle of her own fame. However, there is nothing wrong with flying under the radar, especially when it comes to an artist who is as dedicated and creative as Daniela Andrade. She has her own active Tumblr tag, so she counts as famous to me.

Listen to more of Daniela’s work; you won’t be disappointed. And let me know your opinion on her Dexter inspired tune. Appropriately dark and alluring?


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