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SDMT: Ra Ra Riot – Don’t miss this!

Start off your San Diego Music Thing experience with a huge pop act and a party. After all, it is Friday…


Ra Ra Riot with Caveman at the Birch North Park Theatre – Friday September 13th

ra_ra_riot_birch_theater_the_indie_sd_sdmtIndie pop lovers are not going to want to miss this show, with Ra Ra Riot headlining what is sure to turn into a dance party. Playful and amusing lyrics are coupled with cheery musical backdrops that are sure to get you moving. This group has gone through several trials as a band, but that didn’t stop them from playing festivals like South by Southwest and being nominees at the Independent Music Awards. Maybe their optimistic tunes are a reflection of their personal mantras, but either way, you’ll be happy you went to see them live.

Indie rock group Caveman is warming up the crowd with music that is just as riveting and energetic. Fans of Vampire Weekend, The Joy Formidable, and Matt & Kim are going to love this entire lineup.


For more information on the San Diego Music Thing, including the full lineup and how to buy tickets and passes, check out the official website.


SDMT: Go see Baywood, your folk heart will thank you

Time to clap your hands, stomp your feet, and harmonize along to catchy songs that will instantly melt your heart. San Diego Music Thing is offering a multitude of musical genres in tonight’s shows, and this one is sure to please all the folk/indie pop fans out there.


Baywood, Denison Witmer, Trouble in the Wind, others at Claire de Lune Coffee Lounge – Friday September 13th

baywood_the_indie-sdI cannot stop singing and humming this tune by Baywood, a perfectly quirky and perfectly catchy duo that is mastering their medium of folk pop. If the lyrics don’t warm your heart, then surely the happy melodies of “Gotta Get You” will. The song title is wildly appropriate, since I feel like they got me as soon as I started listening.

Denison Witmer is just as alluring, with a mellow almost bluesy tinge to his songs, reminiscent of Elliott Smith or Sufjan Stevens . His sultry voice will soothe you as you fight the urge to start singing along with mesmerizing melodies. In fact, don’t fight the urge — I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a lovestruck audience as vocal backup!

A perfect lineup of local favorites will also be on stage tonight, including Trouble in the Wind, who incorporate banjos and a lively attitude to their set. So make sure you check it all out at Clare de Lune Coffee Lounge!

For more information on the San Diego Music Thing, including the full lineup and how to buy tickets and passes, check out the official website.

SDMT: Girl in a Coma, New Mexico at Bar Pink

This show will probably be the most interesting thing you hear this Friday. I mean it. No, seriously. If you don’t believe me, take a listen for yourself…


Girl in a Coma, New Mexico, Buddy Banter, and others at Bar Pink – Friday September 13th

girl_in_a_coma_the_indie_sd_sdmt_bar_pinkAccording to their Spotify bio, Girl in a Coma named themselves after a the Smiths song and bonded over their love of Nirvana. I am in love with their penchant for covering 60s songs with the perfect modern interpretation. They’ve had ups and downs throughout their musical career, but when Joan Jett signs you to her label (Blackheart Records), you know you’re doing something very right.

New Mexico has self-branded themselves as a “Four piece torture chamber ensemble”, but there’s nothing torturous about their alt rock music that dips between modern upbeat riffs and groovy throwbacks. They urge you to listen to their music to find out what they sound like, but here’s a hint: lovers of bands like Interpol and Bloc Party will most likely jump on the train to New Mexico.

Rounding out this lineup are some famous Southern Cali acts like Buddy Banter and Irontom, so make sure you get there early to party with all the amazing music happening tonight!

For more information on the San Diego Music Thing, including the full lineup and how to buy tickets and passes, check out the official website.

San Diego Music Thing: Manuok / Ed Ghost Tucker / Boy King

Each day I’m going to discuss a San Diego Music Thing performance that you can’t miss, so that you are — hopefully — ready for this overwhelmingly awesome music festival this weekend. But a week isn’t even enough time to go through everything, because that is how big this fest really is!

Still, I can offer some highlights, so that you can make a very well-informed decision on who you should see first. Actually, just duplicate yourself and see them all. It’s for the best that way!

Starting off…


Manuok, Ed Ghost Tucker, Boy King at Whistle Stop Bar – Friday September 13th

manuok_the_indie_sdSan Diego’s indie pop love child, Manuok, is a music project that really showcases just what this music scene can offer. Feel proud to be a So Cal music lover as you sway along to the crooning voice of the brains behind this solo project, multi-instrumentalist Scott Mercado. Legendary, impeccable, mellow and fascinating are just a few spot-on adjectives that come to mind.

Ed Ghost Tucker is the kind of act that immediately pulls you in — with a genre-bending approach to music that is mostly folky-surf tunes with a hint of jazz appeal. Smart and alluring, their music is the perfect backdrop to nearly any venue. When performing live, Ed Ghost Tucker knows how to control their volume and dynamic, adding perspective to music that is already beaming with depth. If you enjoy beachy vibes and the jazzy version of Vampire Weekend, Ed Ghost Tucker will not disappoint you.

Rounding out this trifecta of awesome sauce is Boy King, a rock ‘n roll based group that isn’t afraid to bring a bit of an edge to the party. With guitar riffs like Wolfmother and The Black Keys, and lead singer Megan Liscomb channeling a 70s rock goddess, Boy King is sure to prove they’re royalty among local rock ‘n roll.

For more information on the San Diego Music Thing, including the full lineup and how to purchases tickets and passes, check out the official website.