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The San Diego Music Awards Nominees announced

The annual San Diego Music Awards are back, and they’ve announced some amazing (and a few very surprising) nominees for this year’s award ceremony.

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Little Hurricane, Big Sound

little_hurrican_the_indie_sd_pressThey say word of mouth is an amazing marketing tool. That could be proven true for Little Hurricane, since I knew about this group well before I ever heard a sound. San Diego’s bluesy indie darling has been making waves since 2010, and in that short time they’ve managed to carry out the near impossible: they’ve forged a path for their band that turned Little Hurricane into a large force to be admired.

Some people in the San Diego music scene might say that finding musicians on Craigslist just doesn’t work. Try and tell that to lead singer Anthony Catalano and drummer C.C. Spina. According to their Wikipedia page, that’s exactly how the duo got its humble beginnings, and just by taking a listen to the result, one could argue that it was fate. Fans of The Black Keys, The Dead Weather, and The Lumineers will absolutely adore the edgy, almost angsty approach to blues and folk that Little Hurricane has become synonymous for. Catalano pours his heart out in lyrics and style alike, with a voice that has mastered just the right amount of rasp. Spina is the perfect piece of the puzzle, and her eerily soothing vocals shine in duet style tracks like “Crocodile Tears” and “Give Em Hell”.

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Their 2012 album Homewrecker lives up to its dramatic title, as it has the kind of music that will dilate your pupils and send goosebumps across your skin in the best way possible! Full of energy, intrigue, and even a little seduction, the songs are all unique enough to keep you entertained from beginning to end, yet can be intertwined into one mesmerizing bluesy story. Don’t believe me? I dare you to take the Little Hurricane challenge and listen (if you haven’t already), to see if a storm hasn’t grown inside of you by the last track. “Give Em Hell” is the perfect melodramatic conclusion to the album; the song is ominously uplifting, like the perfect villain’s soundtrack. Spina croons behind Anthony Catalano like the little voice in your ear or the little devil on your shoulder. This final track seems to wrap up the consciousness of the entire album with perfection.

I haven’t seen this band live — yet — but if their fan base is a testament to how amazing they are, then I’d bet money that Little Hurricane delivers when they’re on stage, as well. They’re now on tour, so check them out at the Belly Up this Friday May 31st in San Diego, or at any of their other tour dates.

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As an added treat, you can download a free mp3 via their website. Check out the video for “Haunted Heart” below.